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CloudFactory Calls for Entries to AIconics Awards at London Tech Week

Tech Disruptors all around the globe have been invited to enter the fifth annual AIconics Awards by CloudFactory.

AIconics is an Artificial Intelligence award program. The award ceremony is held to celebrate the best and new innovations happening all around the world in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The ceremony for 2018 is set to held at Kensington Palace, London on 12th June.

There are 11 different categories for the awards and CloudFactory is sponsoring the “Best AI Startup” category for the event.

All the categories for the award are as follows:

  1. Best Application of AI for Sales and Marketing
  2. Best Innovation in Deep Learning
  3. Best Innovation in AI Hardware
  4. Best Innovation in RPA
  5. Best Application of AI in Financial Services
  6. Best Intelligent Assistant Innovation
  7. Best Innovation in NLP
  8. Best AI Start-Up
  9. Best Application of AI in the Enterprise
  10. Best Application in Healthcare
  11. Greatest Contribution to Gender Equality and Diversity in AI

Application Details:

Application Deadline: May 18, 2018
Application Cost: £118.80
Application Link: Apply here

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