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Bhetayo.com – A Kathmandu-based startup aims to provide quality service professionals at your doors

One of the biggest problems of urban areas these days is getting your work done. Be it repairing electric appliances or painting the room, searching for a service provider is a hectic task to do. In addition to that, there is no way to assure that the service provider is genuine.

Almost all of us have a list of things that we need to do in our house but are in a dilemma for searching a suitable service provider. If you are also one of those people who are having problem in finding the service provider, Bhetayo.com can possibly solve your problem.

Bhetayo.com is basically a service based website that aims at helping every individual to find the right service professional for their home repair needs. It claims to have the largest database of service providers in Nepal, and assures its users to find the right service provider without any hassle. It is a startup, established in 2016, with the motto of organizing services market in Nepal, especially urban areas. It provides a complete profile of handymen such as their past experience, reviews of real customers, years of experience, contact number, address etc.


Bhetayo.com also helps service providers to market their service. If you or your company provide any household service and want your information to reach to the right audience, Bhetayo.com is certainly the right place for you.

Both service providers are customers can register to the website by clicking on the ‘Register‘ button on the homepage of the website, by filling up a form or signing in through their preferred social network site. Service providers need to fill up extra information about the service they provide, location, contact number etc.

We had an interview with Ashik Shrestha, Co-founder of Bhetayo.com to know further about the website. Let’s see what they had to say about their startup.


Q: Is there any specific reason behind starting Bhetayo.com?

A: The main reason behind starting Bhetayo.com was to provide quality service professionals to our users. While surveying the market, we found that most people relied on word of mouth to find service providers, e.g. A plumber; which can be quite a hassle. In a lot of cases, the so called “plumber” wasn’t even properly qualified to do the job!!

Therefore, we decided to create a platform where our users could connect with reliable and professional service providers easily. This is how Bhetayo.com started.


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Q: Who are the core team members involved in your company?

A: Bhetayo.com was started by a group of friends who saw an opportunity in the Services Market. It wouldn’t do justice to our whole team if we mentioned individual names. Let’s just say we are a big team working towards the same goal.


Q: Do you have any provision to recommend the best service providers to the customers?

A: At Bhetayo, we encourage our users to write an honest review about the whole experience of a service professional that they have hired through our website. E.g. The quality of work, friendliness, price, etc.

Other users can look at the past reviews of the service provider that they are looking to hire and decide whether he/she is right for the job.

Additionally, as service providers get more positive reviews and higher ratings; their names will display higher up in their respective category e.g. Electrician.

Gradually we will also have certified service providers listed, based on their verified qualification and experience.


Q: What are the main obstacles you are facing at present?

A: As with any business, there are many obstacles that we face on a daily basis. One of the biggest challenges has been getting Service Providers to sign up and use our service to increase their business. Some of the service providers aren’t familiar with using a website so we have had to teach them everything. However, once they are familiar the service they are using it happily and very active on the website.

Since our website is also fairly new to the market, we are constantly working every day to build our users too.


Q: What type of response do you get about the work you are doing?

A: Bhetayo.com has been very well received by the people who are aware of it. As mentioned earlier, we started the website to make hiring a reliable service provider easy.

Our users have really appreciated the service we are providing and constantly send us feedback about how we could make the whole experience better.

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Q: What are your future plans about Bhetayo.com?

A: We are constantly looking for ways to improve our website and the service that we are providing to our registered users. In the future, we hope that Bhetayo.com will be the go-to website when it comes to hiring any service professional.

Currently our services are only offered in Kathmandu. We are already planning and working towards expanding our services outside the valley to other locations all over Nepal.


As it is said, “Necessity is the mother of invention“; in today’s context, this application can really be helpful for everyone in urban areas. We wish the co-founder best of luck for the success of their venture.

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