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Bajaj is Back with Chetak: Bajaj’s First-Ever Electric Scooter – Things to Know!

There seems to be a surplus on the demand for new electric vehicles. Seeing that as a perfect opportunity, Bajaj has unveiled its first-ever electric scooter, dubbed Bajaj Chetak in India. However, the few details including the pricing haven’t yet been announced. So, Bajaj Chetak price in Nepal could be a guessing game at this point.

If you didn’t know, Bajaj Chetak is an iconic name. To this day, you might still spot some of the Kathmandu streets.

Bajaj Chetak Launched in India

Unfortunately, it got discontinued some 14 years back. However, it’s back now! Interestingly, its Bajaj’s comeback to the scooter segment. Moreover, it’s the very first Bajaj e-scooter!

Anyways, we have gotten our hands on some important details. So, let’s just jump into it!

Bajaj Chetak Overview

Bajaj Chetak is powered by a 4kW electric motor. Moreover, it will use a non-removable IP67-rated lithium-ion battery. Yes, the battery is water-resistant! Furthermore, the battery comes with a regular 5A home charger with 5-6 hours charging time. However, the charging port is located under the seats, which is very weird.

Talking about the features, you will get two riding modes: Eco and Sports. Furthermore, you will get two different ranges based on the riding modes. According to Bajaj, you can push the e-Chetak to 95km range in Eco Mode and 85km range in Sports mode.

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Moreover, All the standard e-Scooter features like LED DRLs, LED lights, Bluetooth Connectivity, Reverse Assist, Regenerative Braking, and Circular TFT Digital Instrument Cluster.

Only a few key points have been confirmed. So, every little detail will be confirmed at Bajaj Chetak’s official launch set in January 2020.

Bajaj Chetak Styling

Come’ on… How can we not talk about the style of Bajaj Chetak?

It outright looks amazing! Clearly, Bajaj is going for the “Vespa X Fascino” look. Although, it look more like a Vespa than a Yamaha Fascino. Interestingly, it does not look overdone and still manages to preserve the classic “Chetak” look. Likewise, it comes with a free-flow design, which looks amazing!

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But that’s not all! Bajaj Chetak gets a modern touch with a metal body, single-sided suspension setup! Moreover, it will get an under-seat storage and glove-box compartment.

To summarize, Bajaj Chetak looks modern without losing the retro vibe!

Will Bajaj Chetak Launch in Nepal?

Given the lack of detail, that’s about it for now. Surely, it will be interesting to see its pricing. Since the Bajaj Chetak price in India is rumored to be between INRs. 1 Lakh – 1.50 Lakhs.

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If that’s the case, then the Bajaj Chetak price in Nepal is expected to cross the Rs. 3 Lakhs marks. However, it can’t be said with definite certainty. Since Chetak is a new brand of e-Scooter, it is still uncertain if it makes its way into Nepal.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Although, I am very excited to see it rattle the e-Scooter segment which is currently ruled by Chinese brands like NIU. Plus, the overall styling looks so much better than a standard NIU N1S. I’m sure NIU Nepal is putting a close eye on this too.

However, let’s put away the judgment until Bajaj Chetak gets an official launch in India. Let’s talk more when it does!

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