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AWS Community Day 2022 Happening in December in Nepal

AWS Community Day 2022 is happening in Nepal for the first time. Organized by AWS User Group Nepal, a community of AWS and cloud computing enthusiasts in Nepal, it is its flagship event, featuring technical and business talks from expert AWS users and industry leaders.

AWS Community Day Nepal 2022
AWS Community Day Nepal 2022

The event is scheduled for Saturday, December 10, 2022, at Bougainvilla Events, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu.

The event delivers a peer-to-peer learning experience, providing developers with a platform to acquire AWS knowledge in the form of talk shows.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the event, including developers, IT managers, business leaders, technical founders, IT students, and tech enthusiasts.

AWS Community Day Nepal 2022 Event

Various AWS experts will be present at the community-led event to discuss a variety of subjects, including AWS Security, DevOps as a Service, Machine Learning (ML), and End-to-End Data Engineering.

The organizer says that all attendees, regardless of their level of technical knowledge, will benefit from the wide range of topics and technical levels covered in the program.

Mr. Anjani Phuyal, an AWS ambassador, and Mr. Karan Desai, a senior solutions architect at AWS, will be the event’s keynote speakers. A few business sessions with less technical discussions will also be held, during which leaders will share their experiences and impact.

The first-ever DeepRacer tournament in Nepal will also be organized as part of AWS Community Day 2022. DeepRacer is the world’s first global autonomous racing league.

AWS DeepRacer
AWS DeepRacer

Participants get a chance to build a Reinforcement Learning (RL) model using Python and test it on a physical track. This integrated learning system is for users of all skill levels to learn about RL, explore and experiment with it, and develop autonomous driving vehicles.

It offers a hands-on opportunity with a fully autonomous 1/18th scale race car driven by RL, a 3D racing simulator, and a global racing league. All the participants will receive a free online workshop from AWS professionals before the actual event to get on board.

Moreover, the event will provide a great opportunity to build networks with potential employers, employees, partners, and tech enthusiasts.

Lastly, all the participants will get gifts such as bottles, stickers, and keyrings.

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How to Register for AWS Community Day Nepal 2022

AWS Community Day welcomes IT experts and enthusiasts of all levels of experience. You can buy the ticket for AWS Community Day 2022 event through its official website www.acdnepal.com. The ticket price for the event is Rs. 500.

You can find more information about the event speakers, the event team, the agenda, sponsors, partners, and others on its website. One can register for the event through the website and be a part of AWS Community Day 2022.

AWS User Group Nepal

AWS User Group Nepal is an active community of Amazon Web Services and cloud computing enthusiasts in Nepal. They have been organizing meetups, on-demand training, and workshops since 2017.

The Community Day aims to inspire, educate, and bring together IT communities through technical conversations, opportunities to network with AWS specialists, and the first-ever DeepRacer Competition in Nepal.

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