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Amazon is NOT Coming to Nepal (At Least For Now)


Since the last few days, social media has been buzzing with rumors of Nepal finally getting access to the biggest online store in the world.

Yes, rumors are that Amazon is coming to Nepal.

And yes, like all most-good rumors this one is too good to be true. And this article will tell you that the “too good to be true rumor” is in fact false.

Amazon Rumor

TechLekh believes that this rumor started from a Facebook page, Men’s Room Reloaded (See the image above). This post from a very popular Nepali page reached a lot of people and people started commenting their delights, doubts and concerns ignoring the “most probably”.

Very intrigued by these rumors, the team at TechLekh inquired about this with Sanjay Golcha, Director of Golcha Organization. Mr. Golcha denied the claims. He further added that Nepal should have its own version of Amazon.

So, then there we have it: Amazon is NOT coming to Nepal (at least for now) but, we do hope that one day it shall.

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