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Yantra 9.0 International Robotics Competition Successfully Concluded


  • RAN Yantra 9.0 concluded the international robotics competition on Feb 12.
  • The Yantra Business Cup Softbots is happening from Feb 15 until March 3.
  • The Invincibles from India won the Yantra Warz robot battle.

The Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) successfully hosted the second day of the Yantra 9.0 event on February 12, 2024, concluding the international robotics competition.

Yantra International League
Yantra International League – Yantra 9.0

Yantra 9.0 is RAN’s 9th edition of the science, technology, and entrepreneurship festival dedicated to robotics, featuring numerous events and programs related to the field.

Chief guest KP Sharma Oli inaugurated the event on February 11 by lighting a candle using a mobile app. In addition to the former prime minister, the first day of the event saw the presence of Pramila Devi Bajracharya, the secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology; Garret Wickerson, the chief of the public affairs at the US Embassy in Nepal; Er. Hirendra Man Pradhan, chairman of the Association of Engineering College Nepal (AECoN); Shree Gurung, an advisor of the Robotics Association of Nepal; and Deepak Bist, president of the RAN Farwest.

“The participation of over 100 teams reflects the growing enthusiasm for technology, especially in robotics and AI. The goal of Yantra is to raise awareness and celebrate technological innovation,” said Er. Bikash Gurung, president of RAN, during the event.

This edition marks the return of Yantra after a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme of Yantra 9.0 is “Climate Change and the Future of Work.”

The Yantra 9.0 had over 100 teams including 9 international teams and 6 from different provinces.

In two days, the event conducted the Yantra Business Expo, Yantra Kids, Yantra Teens, Yantra Warz, Yantra International League (Robosoccer), and Yantra Swarmanoid.

Yantra Business Cup Softbots is currently happening until March 3, 2024.

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Yantra Warz

In Yantra Warz, the arena becomes a battlefield for custom-built gladiators of steel. These remote-controlled robots, each measuring 60 cm x 60 cm x 75 cm and weighing in at under 30 kg, clash in an epic combat competition.

Winner: The Invincibles
Runner-up: Xenon

Yantra Business Cup Expo

The Yantra Business Cup Expo is an open software/hardware robot showcasing competition, where participants/startups present their robots and pitch how they will start their business.

Participants can create robots for various industries, including agriculture, tourism, education, industry, manufacturing, and others.

Winner: Team ERC (Eastern Robotics Club)
Runner-up: Tri-Xavier’s

Yantra International League (Robosoccer)

The Yantra International League Robosoccer is an open football competition in which two teams, each consisting of at least three robots, compete to score the highest. The highest-scoring team wins.

Winner: The Botminds
Runner-up: Team Destructor

Yantra Swarmanoid

Yantra Swarmanoid is an inclusive tournament where autonomous robots collaborate in pairs to efficiently manage and sort garbage. This interactive exhibit highlights the importance of teamwork in addressing the negative impacts associated with manual solid waste management.

Winner: Team ERC
Runner-up: Team HCOE (Himalayan College of Engineering)

President Cup Yantra Kids

Yantra Kids is a students-based competition for children in which the participants build robots, design various building structures in Kathmandu, and understand various energy sources that contribute to climate change.

Winner: Sampada School Team ‘B’
Runner-up: Sampada School Team ‘A’

President Cup Yantra Teens

Yantra Teens is a new program by Yantra this year for high school students in Classes 9 through 12. The competition, themed “Garbage to Gold,” challenges contestants to build robots capable of collecting plastics and metal waste from different parts of cities, collect it and dump it manually or by blasting it directly into the recycling chamber. The robot with the most points at the end of the competition will be crowned President Cup – Yantra Teens.

Winner: Robo Rangers of Sudurpaschim
Runner-up: Team Goldengate

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