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Yamaha FZX Review: Yamaha’s First Neo-Retro Motorcycle!


  • Neo-Retro Styling
  • Refined Fuel-Injection Performance
  • Premium Metallic Elements
  • Practical and Modern Features
  • Innovative Yamaha Y-Connect App


  • Lack of Punchy Pickup
  • Polarizing Design Element
  • Part sharing with Yamaha FZS
  • No Hazard Light Option
  • Expensive for 150cc Motorcycle

This is a detailed review of the all-new Yamaha FZX.

Yamaha FZX price nepal review
Yamaha FZX Review

The appeal for everything retro is going strong.

Royal Enfields and Jawa are among the brands that offer retro aesthetics with modern features. However, those motorcycles fall under the premium category, which isn’t accessible by most.

In contrast, Yamaha has decided to head in a similar direction with a twist.

Yamaha FZX 150.

It is an all-new cruiser that carries retro heritage. Moreover, it does not shy away from including all modern features.

With the introductory price of Rs. 4.35 Lakhs, the Yamaha FZX sets itself among the expensive iteration in the FZ series.

It sports many interesting features and quirks, trying to justify the premium asking price.

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Does it even justify the high asking price? More importantly, is it any different than the outgoing FZS v3?

These are some of the interesting questions we will tackle today.

Without any further ado, this is a complete review article for the all-new Yamaha FZX 150.

Yamaha FZX FI Specifications

  • Engine Type: Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, 2-Valve, SOHC
  • Emission Standard: BS6
  • Displacement: 149 cc
  • Cooling System: Air Cooled
  • Starting Mechanism: Self Starter Only
  • Max Power: 12.4 PS @ 7250 rpm
  • Max Torque: 13.3 Nm @ 5500 rpm
  • Gearbox: 5-Speed
  • Top Speed: 110 Kmph
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 10 liters
  • Mileage: 45 kmpl
  • Front Tyre: 100/80-17 – Disc
  • Rear Tyre: 140/60-R17 – Disc
  • Tubeless Tyres: Yes
  • Braking System: Single-Channel ABS
  • Suspension Setup: Telescopic Front Forks and 7-Step Adjustable Monocross
  • Seat Height: 810 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 165 mm
  • Kerb Weight: 139 kg
  • Colors: Matt Copper, Metallic Blue, and Matt Black

Yamaha FZX Price in Nepal: Rs. 4,35,900

Yamaha FZX 150 Review

Neo-Retro Elements

Neo-retro bikes are growingly popular for their style. It mimics the era of the classic while maintaining the features of a modern motorcycle.

For example: the front and rear lights.

Inspired by the classic era, it gets a front circular headlamp and a rear oval-shaped ringtail light. Both are bright LEDs that further enhance their practicality and aesthetics.

Unfortunately, the side indicators are still halogens.

Circular LED Headlamp with LED DRLs
Circular LED Headlamp with LED DRLs

On top of that, the Yamaha FZX moves away from the traditional street fighter stance.

Instead, it introduces two interesting concepts: Retro Vibes and Cruiser Riding Style.

The footpegs have been moved at the front. Although it is not a cruiser motorcycle, this does help it feel more like a cruiser.

Further adding to its premium feel, the Yamaha has used metal components for the fuel tank, side panels, fenders, and brackets.

The kerb is limited to 139kg despite the use of metallic components.

The side profile feels boxier, inspired by retro motorcycles.

It gets a blacked-out 3D badging, a muscular fuel tank, and an off-set fuel tank cap.

Moreover, it also gets a two-level tuck and roll seat. It sports a traditional caterpillar-style seat.

The gap between the rear seat and rear tyre feels slightly awkward. Nevertheless, it gets a single-piece grab rail unit that goes in line with the overall aesthetics.

Oval-Shaped LED Tail Light
Oval-Shaped LED Tail Light

Yamaha FZX is available in three different colors: Matt Copper, Matt Black, and Metallic Blue.

FZX x FZS Part Sharing and Differences

There is considerable part-sharing between the FZ-X and FZ-S. However, it should come as no surprise since both are mechanically similar motorcycles.

The engine placement, gear shifters, levers, throttles, etc are exactly like in the FZS. Additionally, the tyre sizes, brake calipers, and braking components are also similar.

Scrambler Inspired Styling Yamaha FZX
Scrambler Inspired Styling Yamaha FZX

So, what’s different?

It gets a block-pattern tyre for a superior rider with better grip and control. Moreover, the exhaust has been redesigned and retuned for perkier sound.

Interestingly enough, the handlebars are prominently bent in the shape of a “U”.

Adding to that, the overall build and finish are far better than the FZS v3.


Yamaha FZX is powered by a 149cc, air-cooled, 2-valve, SOHC engine. It can generate a max power of 12.4PS at 7250rpm and a max torque of 13.4Nm at 5500rpm.

Moreover, it is mated to a 5-speed gearbox with a 10-liter fuel tank capacity.

149cc Blue Core FI Engine
149cc Blue Core FI Engine

FZX features a BS6-compliant engine.

Again, it shares the same engine as the current Yamaha FZS v3. However, Yamaha has decided to opt for a 10-liter fuel tank instead of a 13-liter.

Furthermore, the perky exhaust note helps it feel more like a scrambler.

Additionally, Side-Stand Engine Cutoff is also present. Unfortunately, it does not get any option for Hazard Light, physical or software-wise.

Modern Features

Despite the crossover retro heritage, the inbuilt features are completely new and modern. This helps FZX excel both aesthetically and practically.

Blacked Out 3D Emblem
Blacked Out 3D Emblem

We have already seen some of these elements in past Yamaha models.

Nevertheless, Yamaha has introduced a few new elements with the new FZX.

Braking Performance

Yamaha FZX gets a 282mm Disc at the front and 220mm Disc at the rear. Moreover, it gets Single-Channel ABS at the front.

The overall braking experience is very similar to the FZS.

The front brakes are a bit heavy. However, the rear disc does lack a bit of a punch.

Nevertheless, the brakes inspire confidence when used together. Plus, the front ABS adds an extra layer of safety.


The suspension duties are handled by a telescopic fork at the front and a 7-Step Adjustable Monocross suspension at the rear.

Again, this is the same setup as the FZS. As expected, the experience is also similar.

FZX has a perfect combination of a soft seat with a soft suspension feel.

Side Styling in Yamaha FZX
Side Styling in Yamaha FZX

It is well-tuned for city rides. However, the same setup might feel a bit jumpy during off-road scenarios.

Nevertheless, the suspension feel is excellent, providing excellent comfort.

It easily absorbs bumps and potholes, providing a softer experience. Moreover, it makes the motorcycle so much fun to ride in the city.

Moreover, these do get front fork covers to add a bit of old-school authenticity.

Retro Seats and Pillion

The seat does look a bit disproportionate from the side. Nevertheless, these provide excellent comfort.

Two Level Tuck and Roll Seat
Two Level Tuck and Roll Seat

The seating material falls on the softer side. This should be comfortable for city rides, but longer rides do need breaks in-between.

Furthermore, it can easily accommodate both rider and pillion.

During our testing, we found out that taller pillions were more comfortable in FZX. However, the seat width isn’t as wide as the FZS.

Fuel Tank Capacity and Mileage

Despite the muscular fuel tank, the fuel tank capacity is limited to just 10 liters.

We have tried and tested the 149cc engine before. In our tests, we were available to get an average of 40-45kmpl.

Riders can expect a range of 400km to 450km with a full tank.

Metallic Fuel Tank with Off-Seat Cap
Metallic Fuel Tank with Off-Seat Cap

As for the bad aspect, the fuel cap is disconnected which is a bit disappointing.


Yamaha FZX comes with a 100/80 front tyre and 140/60 rear section tyre. Both are 17-inches tubeless wheels, where the rear tyre is Radial.

It does get block-pattern tyres for added road grip.

In real-world performance, the difference is noticeable. The bike feels more stable on a muddy road.

Moreover, the dual-sports tyres perform better on almost every kind of road.

Yamaha Y-Connect

FZX debuts a brand new LCD. It showcases information like RPM Meter, Odometer, Speedometer, Twin-Trip Meter, Fuel Indicator, and Clock.

There are additional indicators for Call, SMS, Smartphone Battery, and App Connectivity.

Despite the larger size, the screen only displays that much information.

LCD Instrument Meter with 12V Power Socket
LCD Instrument Meter with 12V Power Socket

Fortunately, Yamaha has introduced a brand new Bluetooth Connectivity System.

Yamaha Y-Connect app is another Yamaha app for premium two-wheelers. It easily connects with the rider’s smartphone, opening doors to many exciting operations.

With the app, riders can track their fuel consumption, maintenance schedule, last parked location, malfunction, rev dashboard, and more.

Unfortunately, the app does not include an option to toggle Hazard Light.

Lack of Circles

Yamaha FZX 150 includes everything elements expected from a retro cruiser.

However, I do wish that it integrated more circle elements into its key elements.

Retro Mirrors
Retro Mirrors

As an example, Yamaha has given the retro-mirrors this time around. Surely, this provides decent visibility, however, it would have further enhanced the look if the mirrors are circular.

Similarly, the square-shaped LCD dashboard is nice. But, a circular LCD dashboard would have been even nicer!

Yamaha FZX 150 Feature Highlights

  • Multi-Information Negative LCD Meter
  • Y-Connect Bluetooth Connectivity
  • USB Power Socket
  • Metal Fuel Tank Cover
  • Engine Cowl
  • Telescopic Front Suspension and Monocross Rear Suspension
  • Front Fork Boots and Coverings
  • Dual Disc Braking
  • Single-Channel ABS
  • Side-Stand Engine Cutoff

My Experience with Yamaha FZ X

Cruiser Riding Style

Yamaha FZX is a cruiser by design.

The front-set footpegs help accomplish exactly that. However, the riders will need a few minutes to get used to the new riding style.

After getting used to the new style, the riding stance feels free.

Moreover, the riding posture feels exactly like a modern-day cruiser. However, the riders will feel less awkward given the friendly nature of the footpegs.

Front Set Foot Pegs
Front Set Foot Pegs

But truly, it empowers riders with next-level confidence and flicking ability.

It can tackle all terrain: tight city spots, long highways, and unfriendly off-roads. Among those, it takes the cake for being the most enjoyable in the city.

Adding to that, the mid-range performance hits just right. The bike is super refined at 4000-6000rpm, between 3rd or 4th gear. The low-end performance is decent, and the top-end performance is non-existent.

Despite those shortcomings, FZX still packs in the most memorable experience.

Yamaha didn’t just plaster in the “Ride Free” tagline, they meant it!

While the riding does feel like the standard FZS, the included elements in FZX help make it unique.

You can get our nitty gritty performance details on our Yamaha FZX Full Video Review.

Practical Handling

Other on-road experiences like cornering, high-speed stability, refinement, and exhaust note are on par with modern bikes.

Initially, the cornering requires a larger turn radius. It is mostly due to the front footpeg position.

Other than that, the rest of the experience is pretty good.

There are no pecky vibrations. And, the ride experience remains mostly enjoyable.

Battle with Competition

Yamaha FZX has no competition right now.

It manages to be a unique offering, mixing the retro aesthetics with a cruiser-styled-riding.

Interestingly enough, Yamaha has now created an entirely new segment due to this.


That being said, the age-old 149cc problem remains unchanged.

FZX still lacks the pickup when it needs it the most.

The performance is there, the refinement is there. But, it does miss out on satisfying torque.

Rear Styling in Yamaha FZX
Rear Styling in Yamaha FZX

Due to the exhaust note, you want to open up the throttle. However, you end up disappointed by the initial acceleration that you get.

Riders have to downshift to overtake on highways or traffic.

Moreover, the performance takes a hit with heavier pillion. The motorcycle feels sluggish on an incline, especially with heavier pillion.

And, that is very noticeable.

It won’t be the case if you are riding it alone or with a lighter pillion. Nevertheless, it should be kept under consideration.


Despite its shortcomings, Yamaha FZX is an excellent take on a neo-retro. It tries to offer the satisfaction of riding freely, along with the modern features and convenience.

More importantly, riding isn’t just about the powertrain.

Riding a motorcycle is all about passion.

Powertrain figures and features list should be a second choice. The first choice should always be about you and your motorcycle.

Yamaha FZ X is just that.

Forget anyone and everyone. Just give into the experience. Connect with the motorcycle on a more personal level.

Forget the stress, forget everything.

Just. Ride. Free.

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