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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Available at Rs. 5800

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 was a hit among the consumers and the critics alike. Xiaomi did what it does best with the Mi Band 3 – it gave the people good hardware at an affordable price. So, naturally, people are excited about the next iteration of the Mi Band 3 – the Mi Band 4.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was launched last week in China and it features the same characteristics as the Mi Band 3, good hardware at a low price. It has now arrived in Nepal bearing the price tag of Rs. 5800.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 had plenty of alluring features for its price: OLED display, 50m water resistance, 20-day battery life. Mi Band 4 has made improvements to several of those offerings. The OLED screen is now bigger at 0.95 inches and has a resolution of 120 x 240. It is a touchscreen and there are 77 different faces for customers to choose from.

MI Band 4 on Daraz

The water resistance is the same. You can go swimming with this tracker. It even as the ability to identify different strokes like breaststroke, backstroke, etc. Other features like a contactless payment system make a return. The battery life is still the same epic 20 days.

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We have learned that Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC are also included in the band. But the version with the NFC is yet to be seen in Nepal.

A little note on the price

The popularity of the Mi Band 4 solely rests on the fact that it costs less than other popular smart bands but provides the same features. However, in Nepal, it seems that the Mi Band 4 cannot play the price card. Why? Because in China, Mi Band 4 launched for $25. This translates to about Rs. 2800. But the current price of Mi Band 4 in Nepal is twice its international price. This is not a pretty sight. It’s a little shocking even coming from a company like Xiaomi.

G store, the company that is selling the band 4, has said the reason for the price hike is because they brought the Mi Band 4 into Nepal way sooner than planned. But that reason doesn’t hold its ground in my mind.

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We talked to Xiaomi Nepal about the reason for the high price and they told us that they are not selling the Mi Band 4 to G store. G store has independently brought the Mi Band 4 to Nepal. But the sad part is that Xiaomi has said that there is no plan to bring Xiaomi Mi Band 4 officially to Nepal from their side. So, you might be stuck with this price for a while.

Check Mi Band 4 on Daraz

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