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Xiaomi Amazfit and Two Other Health Bands Now in Nepal

As people are getting more health conscious due to the substandard eating habits, the “heath band” market has been growing. In this context, Xiaomi has decided to take a leap into the market of health bands.

For this Xiaomi has recently partnered with Huami to release three new health bands in its health bands lineup. Xiaomi Amazfit, Amazfit Arc, and Amazfit BIP Lite are the available Xiaomi health bands in Nepal.

Xiaomi Health Bands in Nepal

Amazfit Health Band

Amazfit Health band is the priciest one among the three. With a price tag of Rs. 17,500 in Nepal, Amazfit Health band comes packed with a bunch of features. It comes in a sleek design with a rubber band. But, the design is not the thing that sets this device apart.

Amazfit Health Band is not your run-of-the-mill health band but is a device that can actually take care of your body. It comes equipped with an ECG chip that uses advanced technology to monitor your heart activity and feed the data to your smartphone. This could be very helpful for people with heart conditions.

xiaomi health bands in nepal

Amazfit Heath Band has a 0.42-inch OLED screen that looks decent inside a room but really starts to fall behind when used outdoors. The brightness of this device is very low, so it is almost impossible to see under a bright sunlight. The Amazfit Health band is rated at IP67 dust and water resistant.

This doesn’t mean you can go bonkers with it, but it should hold pretty well in showers and rains. This band connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. The battery on this thing is 95 mAh, which roughly translates to a week of general use.

Key Specifications

  • Display: 0.42-inch OLED screen.
  • Battery: 95 mAh
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Sensors: ECG Chip, Activity Tracker, Sleep Tracker

Amazfit Health Band Price in Nepal: Rs. 17,500

Amazfit Arc

The Amazfit Arc is similar to the Amazfit Health Band in terms of specifications. It comes in at a price tag of Rs. 10,500. It lacks the ECG chip, which makes it significantly cheaper than its big brother Amazfit Health Band. It also comes with an IP67 water and dust resistance, which makes it “splash proof”. It is equipped with sensors such as PPG heart rate sensor, Activity Tracker, and Sleep Tracker. It also uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your smartphone.

amazfit arc

As far as the battery goes, it has 70 mAh battery. According to Xiaomi, it can last up to 20 days. Xiaomi says that the charging time for Amazfit Arc is roughly 2.5 hours.

The design of this thing is appealing. With a rubber band and a protruded screen, it looks attractive in your hands.

Key Specifications

  • Display: 0.42-inch OLED screen
  • Battery: 70 mAh
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Sensors: Heart Rate sensor, Activity Tracker, Sleep Tracker

Amazfit Arc Price in Nepal: Rs. 10,500

Amazfit BIP Lite

Amazfit BIP Lite is the odd one among the three. The design is similar to that of an Apple watch, but obviously not as “smart”. It has a 1.28-inch screen upfront, under a 2.5D screen that is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. With a simplistic looking rubber band and a light plastic design, it is comfortable to wear in your hands. And as a bonus, it comes with an IP68 water and dust resistance.

amazfit bip lite

The “sensor-game” on this thing is exceptional. It comes equipped with a Pedometer, Sleep monitor, and a Heart rate monitor. Also, there are a few other sensors that help optimize the recording for your activity chart. The sensors like GPS and Barometer are inbuilt in the Amazfit BIP Lite. The other thing that stands out on this device is the screen that is able to display notifications, messages, and calls. So, it would be an understatement to not call this the handiest among the three.

The battery in the Amazfit BIP Lite is insane. With a battery of 190 mAh, Xiaomi claims its battery to last for around 45 days which is insane. Amazfit BIP Lite price in Nepal is Rs. 10,500.

Key Specifications

  • Display: 1.28-inch, 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Battery: 190 mAh
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Sensors: Pedometer, GPS, Heart Rate monitor, Activity Tracker, Sleep Tracker.

Amazfit BIP Lite Price in Nepal: Rs. 10,500

Final Thoughts

With the advent of health bands in the tech market, more and more people are attracted towards these devices. Unlike the smartwatches, these devices come in at a much lower price. This serves well to people who are primarily focused on their health rather than the gimmicks that are seen in the flagship smartwatches.

What do you think of the new Xiaomi health bands in Nepal? Let us know in the comments below!

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