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Vianet Brings Dashain-Tihar Offer on Internet Packages: 32”/40” Skyworth TV + FREE NetTV Package!

Vianet is one of the prominent ISPs of Nepal. The services that they provide has definitely attracted many customers. So, in order to gather more customers and please their existing customers, Vianet has brought some interesting offers for this Dashain & Tihar.

They’re bringing in some bundle packs whereby you get a free 32”/40” Skyworth TV set along with 50Mbps Internet and free NetTV packages. I feel like I’ve heard of this offer before. As far as I remember, a similar kind of offer was introduced by WorldLink recently. More details about the offer can be found here.

What is Vianet Offering this Festive Season?

Basically, Vianet is offering two different deals as follows:

  • If you choose the 32” Skyworth TV, you get the offers starting at Rs 14,350 going up to Rs 29,830.
  • If you choose the 40” Skyworth TV, you get offers starting at Rs 22,905 going up to Rs 38,385.

Along with the above-mentioned offer, you can also get an additional discount of Rs 1450 if you’re amongst the first 200 customers.

Offers are available for internet speeds ranging from 40Mbps to 60Mbps. In addition, these offers are available on all of the packages: 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, and 1 Year. Plus, all of these offers have Free NetTV.

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They’ve haven’t exactly mentioned the free period of the NetTV but as far as I know, all the channels are free and is limited to the type of package you choose. There’s also an ultra-boost feature available on all packages but it’s not for free. Other than that, extra features like service assurance, ViaShop, and ViaSecure which are still in the development stage will be available soon.

Click here for the list of all the packages that you get along with the NetTV and TV set offers.

Well, if you’re already a Vianet or WorldLink User, I don’t see a point in switching. But if you’re coming in from a different ISP like Subisu, you could go for either of these. Both of them provide the same offers at almost same pricings. So, do check out both of them and let us know what you think about these offers.

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