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WorldLink Brings Dashain Offer On Internet Packages: 25Mbps + 1yr NetTV + 32” CG LED TV at Rs. 25,990 & More!

WorldLink is one of the best ISP in Nepal. The way they have provided their services make them a fairly great ISP. And they’ve rarely disappointed us in providing service or providing offers. Well it’s festival time people and WorldLink is back with one of their Dashain deals.

We have seen some great deals with discounts and stuffs in the past. But this year’s offer from WorldLink apart from appealing is also quite tempting.

What’s the WorldLink Dashain offer?

WorldLink has just announced a new offer whereby you get 25 Mbps internet with 1-year NetTV subscription and a new 32” CG LED TV at just Rs. 25,990. The price has been reduced from Rs 43,790; a discount of almost Rs 18,000!

You may be wondering, Is this even possible? Well it is and there’s more to it that meets the eye. The 1-year Net TV subscription and 32” LED TV combo comes with any variant of internet subscription you choose. Whether you chose to take the 1 month 25 Mbps package or a year of the package, the latter two (Net TV and 32” LED TV) are absolutely free.

You can enjoy this exciting combo offer on 6-month, 3-month, and 1-month subscription plan at Rs. 19,990, Rs. 16,740, and Rs. 14,240 respectively for the 25 Mbps internet subscription. The offer is also available for 40 Mbps and 60 Mbps internet package for both existing and new subscribers!

Also, note that these offer prices are excluding VAT and setup charges. So, there might be a few thousands addition to the existing offer amount.

Check the offer along with the price list here.

Along with it…

Features like Time Back, Managed Wi-Fi, SafeNet and GO discount app are available for free as well. Time Back is a feature whereby you get compensations for all the hours wasted because of interference or maintenance. And, the SafeNet feature gives you the full control of your internet. You can choose to keep Parental controls on through which you have all information about your internet. As a result, you can monitor your child’s each and every activity, monitor the bandwidth usage and block unwanted websites.

Well I really think that this is the perfect opportunity to change your ISP. A combo offer that gives you a year of NetTV subscription and a new LED TV, this offer’s even gotten me tempted to change my ISP. What do you think about this offer? Is it just another attempt to draw customers or is it worth changing?

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