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Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project to Miss its Deadline of This July

headrace tunnel of tamakoshi hydropower
Image Courtesy: The Himalayan Times

The Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project is sure to miss its set deadline of having at least one of its six turbines in operation by this July, reports The Kathmandu Post. So, the project has been rescheduled further to December. The overall project is to be completed by April of 2019.

The Details:

  • The 456 MW hydropower project is located at Dolakha and is being developed by Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).
  • In the December of 2016, the then energy minister Janardan Sharma had issued instructions to have one turbine running by July 2018, and all six by the end of the year.

What happened:

  • According to project officials, the poor state of road from Khadichaur to Charikot has given many difficulties in transporting heavy electromechanical equipment that need to be installed at the hydropower plant.
  • This project was supposed to be completed by mid-July 2016 but the earthquake followed by the blockade and other issues pushed the date further back. Because of this, the project also incurred cost overruns from an estimated Rs. 35.3 billion to Rs. 42 billion. However once the national pride project is completed, NEA will be in a position to export electricity to India.

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