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STARTUPSNepal Organizes Udhyami Seed Camp – Turn Your Innovative Ideas into Business

Women’s day has just gone, and similar to every other year there were a lot of talks about women empowerment and equality in every sector. Like almost all other fields, there have been lots of efforts to encourage women in information technology and entrepreneurship these days. There are so many scholarships, boot camps, hackathons that are organized emphasizing women. STARTUPSNepal has come up with a similar idea and has decided to organize a Women-Focused edition of Udhyami Seed Camp.

Udhyami Seed Camp

Udhyami Seedcamp is a 5-day long business skills training program designed to support innovative, promising and impactful ideas and help them come into reality. As they call it, it is their effort to turn Idea-preneurs (i.e. people with ideas) into Entrepreneurs. It is a thematic program focused on themes like IT agriculture, education, tourism hospitality, health and much more.

This edition of Udhyami Seedcamp is set to focus on startups with women co-founders. The workshop is taking place in Naxal, Kathmandu from 21st April to 25th April. 2-4 members from startups with atleast 1 female co-founder can participate in the program. The event is trying to increase participation of female in leadership roles in business. The registration fee for each member is Rs. 2500. The deadline to apply for the event is until 31st March.

Udhyami Seed Camp is an initiative by STARTUPSNepal, an online startup community of Nepal. STARTUPSNepal is a platform that aims to bring all the aspiring entrepreneurs, senior entrepreneurs, their startups, and potential investors together by helping them connect with each other.

STARTUPSNepal aims to create a dynamic online entrepreneurial ecosystem by making entrepreneurship accessible to all. This online platform comprises of a directory of startups and potential investors, startup stories and their insights, informative articles, entrepreneurial events details, a platform for posting and seeking job openings at startups, and now ‘Udhyami Seed Camp’.

Udhyami Seed Camp provides a platform to develop one’s ideas, validate, refine and present them to potential investors. The essential elements for the growth of startups and businesses like identifying market gaps and needs, analyzing product viability and business possibility, networking with skilled people and getting exposure help build foundations of the ideas.

These kind of events are my personal favorite. It feels so good to see the efforts everyone is putting to encourage female participation in every field. I would recommend startups to try this kind of events as it helps to increase your connections with people in similar fields and above all, it boosts the coordination and teamwork within the team members.

To apply and know more about Udyami Seed Camp visit: http://startupsnepal.com/udhyami/
[Image Credits: StartupsNepal]

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