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TVS Ronin 225 Review: Redefining the Cruiser Segment!


  • Neo-Retro Cruiser Styling
  • Peppy Performance with New and Refined BS6-Compliant FI Engine
  • Dual-Disc Braking with Dual-Channel ABS
  • Advanced and Practical Feature-Loaded Package
  • Competitive Pricing which Directly Undercuts the Rivals


  • Average Headlight Visibility in Low-Beam
  • Soft Suspension Setup Hinders Off-road Riding and High-speed Stability
  • Lack of Character and Refinement in Top-End Performance
  • Pillion Comfort and Space Needs Improvement
  • Styling in Polarizing

This is a detailed review of the new TVS Ronin 225.

TVS Ronin 225 is a very different motorcycle compared to past TVS launches.

It sets foot on the cruiser segment for the very first time. Coming into this world of the new unknown, the TVS Ronin proudly takes on the mantle of doing things unscripted.

It tries to present TVS Ronin as how the cruiser segment should be.

Muscular, Powerful, and Feature-rich.

Latest Bike Prices

With a price tag of Rs. 4.59 Lakhs, the TVS Ronin 225 directly undercuts the Royal Enfield Hunter 350, its most important rival.

It is an interesting proposition for those looking for their next cruiser.

There are a few questions it must answer.

How does it perform in the real world? Will this be the go-to cruiser to dethrone its ultimate rival?

This is the full review of the TVS Ronin 225!

TVS Ronin 225 Specifications

  • Engine Type: Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, 4-Valve, FI
  • Emission Standard: BS6
  • Displacement: 225.9 cc
  • Cooling System: Oil-cooled with Air Assist
  • Starting Mechanism: Self-Starter Only
  • Max Power: 20.40 PS @ 7750 rpm
  • Max Torque: 19.93 Nm @ 3750 rpm
  • Gearbox: 5-Speed
  • Top Speed: 114 Kmph
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 14 liter
  • Mileage: 35-40 kmpl
  • Front Tyre: 110/70-17 – Disc
  • Rear Tyre: 130/70-17 – Disc
  • Tubeless Tyres: Yes
  • Braking System: Dual-Channel ABS
  • Suspension Setup: USD Telescopic Forks and Adjustable Mono Shock Suspension
  • Seat Height: 795 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 181 mm
  • Kerb Weight: 160 kg
  • Colors: Grey, Orange

TVS Ronin 225 Price in Nepal: Rs. 4,49,900

TVS Ronin 225 Review


As I have said before, the TVS Ronin 225 differs from any previous TVS bike.

It is a neo-retro cruiser, a mix of retro elements with modern ones. However, the signature TVS elements still make their presence known.

For example: the front fascia sports a circular headlamp, as most retro cruisers do.

Interestingly, TVS takes it further with T-Face DRL with a complete LED setup. The front, rear, and indicators are completely LEDs.

It also supports the Hazard Light function!

Front Styling in TVS Ronin 225
Front Styling in TVS Ronin 225

Based on our tests, the headlight visibility is only decent, especially compared to a TVS Apache. The low beam could have been a bit brighter.

The cruiser’s aesthetics is even more apparent in the side profile.

It gets the sculpted tank with the TVS horse badging. Most of the elements are metal, which is why the bike falls on the heavier side.

The signature TVS tri-tone finish does help elevate the cruiser feel. Nevertheless, it would have been great if TVS had offered brighter color options.

It sports stylish squared mirrors. The build and visibility are nice, although the adjustment does need some getting used to.

Other key details include 9-spoke Alloy Wheels, a Plastic Chain Cover, Custom Black Exhaust, and Engine Cowl.

Personally, the rear mudguard feels a bit out of place. TVS has opted for a sleek LED strip, although, a circular rear lamp would have been nice.

Rear Styling in TVS Ronin 225
Rear Styling in TVS Ronin 225

Additionally, the TVS Ronin 225 comes in Grey and Orange colors.


TVS Ronin 225 is powered by a 225.9cc, Single-Cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, Oil-Cooled, SOHC, FI engine. It generates a max power of 20.4PS at 7750rpm and a max torque of 19.93Nm at 3750rpm.

It is mated to a 5-speed Gearbox with an Assisted Slipper Clutch and a 14-liter fuel tank capacity.

Side Styling in TVS Ronin 225
Side Styling in TVS Ronin 225

It is a BS6-compliant engine with Stand Engine Cut Off.

TVS reworked the Apache RTR 200 4V engine. The engine displacement has been increased by incrementing the stroke by 8.2mm, bringing both the bore and the stroke to 66mm.

Ronin 225 features a Square Engine configuration.

The square engine balances out high-end power and low-end torque. It offers versatile performance in various riding conditions.

While it is a brand-new 225cc engine, the overall performance feels very much like an Apache.

Additional Detail

It is built on a Double Cradle Split Synchro Stiff Frame.

The dimensions are 2040mm in length, 1170mm in height, and 805mm in width. Moreover, the wheelbase sits at 1357mm.

TVS Ronin gets an 181mm ground clearance. And, the kerb weight is 160 kg.

Loaded Features

TVS never held back in the feature department.

Never had, never will!

TVS Ronin 225 continues to follow the same mantra. It is feature-loaded, from its engine to tyres to suspension to almost every aspect.

Here is a detailed list of its features in the TVS Ronin.

Braking Performance

TVS Ronin features Dual Disc Braking, 300mm at the front and 240mm at the rear.

It gets Dual-Channel ABS as standard.

Instead of different riding modes, TVS Ronin has opted for two ABS Sensitivity modes: Urban and Rain.

Triple Tone Color in TVS Ronin 225
Triple Tone Color in TVS Ronin 225

These two modes can be toggled via the “Mode” switch.

Urban Mode is preferable in the city and on highways. Whereas, the Rain Mode is better suited for wet and slippery roads.

Based on the testing, there isn’t a drastic difference between the two modes. That being said, the sensitivity difference is very noticeable.


TVS Ronin sports 17-inch tyres with a 110/70-section at the front and 130/70-section at the rear.

These are Dual-Purpose Block Tyres.

Custom Black Exhaust in TVS Ronin 225
Custom Black Exhaust in TVS Ronin 225

It does not get a Radial Tyre at the back. Considering the segment, the radial tyre is not necessary.

The on-road performance is excellent.

Both tyres do a great job of handling and tackling different road conditions. However, there is a slight hiccup in the suspension.


41mm Showa Upside Telescopic Fork and 7-Step Preload Adjustable Mono Shock handle the suspension duties.

The overall setup is on the softer side.

The suspension has been tuned to better fit the city’s needs. It absorbs bumps and potholes with relative ease, providing a comfortable riding experience.

Golden USD Fork in TVS Ronin 225
Golden USD Fork in TVS Ronin 225

Unfortunately, the same setup falls short in off-road and highway conditions.

It is just too soft.

The off-road experience was too jumpy for my liking. Moreover, the bike loses its stability at higher speeds, which is mostly noticeable on the highways.

It is perfect for the city, but the rear preload needs to be adjusted for highway and off-road.

Seat Comfort and Pillion

TVS Ronin 225 features a two-level Tuck and Roll seat.

The seat cushioning is very soft and comfortable. It maintains a very friendly riding position with confidence-inspiring seat height.

Tuck and Roll Seat in TVS Ronin 225
Tuck and Roll Seat in TVS Ronin 225

However, the same cannot be said about the pillion.

The pillion seat cushioning is too soft, and the seating space feels narrower.

Fuel Tank and Mileage

TVS Ronin comes with a 14-liter fuel tank capacity.

After running a few tests, we got around 30-35Kmpl mileage. It should give 420 to 490 km on a full tank.

Muscular Fuel Tank in TVS Ronin 225
Muscular Fuel Tank in TVS Ronin 225

Digital Meter

TVS Ronin sports an off-set All-Digital Meter.

It displays important information like the Gear Position Indicator, Clock, Trip Meter, Distance to Empty, and more.

Digital Meter in the TVS Ronin 225
Digital Meter in the TVS Ronin 225

Additionally, it can do more with the TVS SmartXonnect.

After connecting with the smartphone, it provides more information like Call/Message Alerts, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Last Parked Location, Ride Analysis, Ride History, Voice Assist, and more.

We have seen a lot of these features in the past TVS products. It worked well then, it works well now.

Glide Through Technology (GTT)

GTT provides stress-free riding by removing the need for the correct combination of throttle and clutch in slow traffic.

Slowly releasing the clutch without giving any throttle results in the TVS Ronin maintaining the correct Engine RPM to move the bike.

TVS has engineered the bike in such a way that the bike automatically maintains the speed across all five gears. With this technology, the bike can simply glide through the traffic.

Adjustable Levers

Alongside the GTT, there is another familiar feature that makes its entry.

Ronin comes with the 3-level Adjustable Metallic Levers. The lever distance can be adjusted between the handlebar as per rider preference.

Level 1 is the closest and Level 3 is the farthest from the handlebar.

TVS Ronin 225 Features Highlight

  • 225cc Fuel Injection Engine
  • Retro Cruiser Styling
  • LED Lighting Setup
  • 9-Spoke Machined Alloy Wheels
  • 17-inch Specialized Block-Tread Tyres
  • Off-Set Digital Meter
  • Adjustable Levers
  • Glide Through Traffic (GTT)
  • Custom Exhaust
  • SmartXonnect Connectivity
  • Side Stand Engine Cut Off
  • 41mm USD Forks and Mono Shock Suspension
  • Dual-Disc Braking
  • Dual-Channel ABS

My Experience with TVS Ronin 225

Refined Performance

Since it shares the engine with the TVS Apache, there is a sense of familiarity.

It is peppy and fun!

The engine excels in low and mid-range, offering the most refined and thrilling performance. However, the engine loses its refinement when it moves past 8000rpm.

The vibrations do creep in at higher RPMs, mostly on the handlebar. Nevertheless, these do not interrupt the riding experience.

It provides a perfect riding experience in the city, especially with convenience features like the TVS Glide Through Technology.

Moreover, the transmission also helps with this.

The gear ratio maintains a good balance, neither tall nor short. It provides a versatile riding experience based on time and situation with Third and Fourth Gear having balanced Torque and Power.

Plus, the 5-speed setup is more than enough.

Overtaking is super easy. Furthermore, the Assisted Slipper Clutch offers extra convenience.

However, it fails to reproduce similar experiences out on the highways. And, the suspension does not help its case.

The top-end performance is straight-up lacking. It loses that character when moving past the 80kmph.

The overall experience is doable, but that is something that could have been better. This is something TVS should improve in future iterations.


There are two specific shortcomings in the TVS Ronin 225.

Firstly, the suspension setup is too soft for off-road which also affects the higher speed stability. Secondly, additional refinements are needed at the top end.

More importantly, the TVS Ronin 225 lacks the character of the ultimate cruiser.

It has almost everything, but the essence of a true neo-retro cruiser is yet to be perfected.

I know that TVS is always evolving. With this, the TVS Ronin is only going to evolve from here on out.

If this is how it is now, just imagine what it will be in the future!

Battle with Competition

TVS Ronin rivals the Roya Enfield Hunter 350.

Ronin 225 motorcycle has two advantages over its rivals.

It has more advanced features than the Hunter 350 while maintaining an enticing introductory price. Moreover, the Dual-Channel ABS is the sweet cherry on top! In contrast, the Hunter 350 does not have any ABS.

The only advantage that the Hunter 350 has over the Ronin 225 is the Royal Enfield legacy!

That being said, there is no clear winner here. There is room for improvement in both bikes, which hopefully happen soon.


That is what happens when you try things unscripted.

TVS Ronin presents itself as the very first attempt into the world of cruisers. So, it gets most things right, but also gets a few things not so right.

Nevertheless, TVS continues on its path of evolution. And, this will only get better from here.

That is the most exciting part about all this.

This is the all-new TVS Ronin 225, living the unscripted life!

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