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TrackSarkar Application To Track The Progress Made By Political Parties


TrackSarkar is a web application that tracks the progress of promises made by political parties and politicians in pre-election campaigns.  The application aims to make the work and efficiency of politicians and parties transparent.

Many people in Nepal, mainly youths can’t decide which candidate to vote for. They mostly rely on other people’s opinion. The concept of this application is to help people make the right decision while casting their votes.

According to Luzan Baral, developer of Track Sarkar, the idea of the application came when deciding whom to vote during the election. Baral mentioned that he was unable to select a deserving candidate to vote for. So, he thought of developing TrackSarkar that would help people choose the right candidate as per their competence rather than words.

Added to that, TrackSarkar is also going to be a crowdsourced platform where potential users can input data they have regarding the progress of any specific project initiated by a political party, politician, or upcoming assembly. It will also track the progress of each program approved or taken up by the government.

We have been hearing a lot of discussions being made on Right to Information, but what we are lacking is a proper way to disseminate information. TrackSarkar will be a platform that can be used by government, political parties and politician to present their programs, progress, and efficiency to the public.”

On December 17, 2017, TrackSarkar released the webpage with a pre-launch landing page. After the release of the page, the developer got a very welcoming response for TrackSarkar. About 50 people showed their interest to join TrackSarkar Beta release.

After the initial response of TrackSarkar, Baral is motivated to make the platform more engaging and trustworthy for the public.  Baral wants more youths like him to be involved on TrackSarkar, at least to know what’s going on in our country.

Due to challenges on getting soft copies of Manifesto of Political Parties for all seven provinces including all areas, only the beta version of TrackSarkar is being released. This beta version will only contain the data of the fourth province. The official application will be released very soon according to the developer.

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