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Tootle, Nepali Ride-Sharing App, Goes 24×7!

After Pathao’s arrival, it definitely stirred some pot in the Nepali ride-hailing scene. Some were excited and some were terrified, but most rejoiced over the perks that could come with competition.

Honestly, Pathao vs Tootle did, in fact, brought in some interesting perks. We saw affordable fare prices, captivating offers, and a unique alternative to crowded public transport. Plus, ride-hailers aren’t the only ones to use these perks. People who use the Tootle Partner app are getting 100% of their earning, which is another interesting tactic to entice riders onto the Tootle platform.

tootle app

This just keeps getting better!

In the latest ground-breaking news, Tootle has announced its plans to go 24/7 – 365! That’s right! Tootle will now offer service 24 hours a day for all seven days in a week! As expected, the night service is expected to be more expensive than the normal fare.

Previously, Tootle’s service only lasted up until 9 PM. However, Pathao was the only reliable service to offer service past midnight. Basically, all the night-riders chose Pathao over Tootle, which didn’t sit well with the Nepali ride-hailing app.

On the other hand, Tootle isn’t the only one trying their best to beat the competition. Recently, Foodmario also started a late-night food delivery service in Kathmandu. Likewise, Sarathi is rumored to bring its own Bike-hailing app, adding more excitement and competition to this growing market.

Hopefully, it will bring another set of awesome and unique perks for us consumers!

In summary, Tootle is now offering 100% earning to its riders with 24 hours night-service. As a night-rider, this should very much excite you!

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