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Foodmario Starts Late Night Food Delivery Service in Kathmandu: Say Bye Bye to Midnight Cravings!

Imagine, it’s late at night. You glance over to the clock hanging by the wall.

It reads, “12:45 AM”

At that same moment, your stomach starts to growl. You start to crave for some fried chicken Momo’s.

What do you do? Cook your own food? Ha-ha. Nope. You order it from Foodmario.

That’s right! Since last Wednesday, Foodmario’s Late Night Delivery Service is active. So, all the late-night food lovers out there can easily order their food without any hesitation.

Additionally, you can order via the app or the traditional method. However, as of this writing, please remember that the service is active until 2 AM. Before 2 AM, order up to your heart’s content.

But that’s not all! Foodmario is bringing forth some most-welcoming changes! Starting off with “Minimum Order”, there’s none!

As you may know, Foodmandu delivers food only if you order food worth Rs. 400 or more. There might be a logistic reason for that, but it isn’t very practical. So, Foodmario doesn’t come with any kind of “minimum order”.

Additionally, if you do order less than Rs. 400, then you have to pay a delivery charge of Rs. 50 which is very reasonable. However, if your order exceeds Rs. 400, your order is absolutely FREE! Yes, this applies for both Day and Night delivery.

If you are a lone-wolf like me, this is excellent news! You can just order what you want without going on a spending spree. Since you can order from more than 50 home-based cooks, the choices are limitless. Furthermore, you can easily use the Foodmario app, just to add to your convenience.

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