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Sundar Yatayat to Establish Electric Vehicles Assembly Plant in Nepal

Sundar Yatayat, a private company, is doing something that many of us could only care to dream. First, it started the operations to run 7-electric buses in Kathmandu valley, with the intention to add more in the future. Likewise, the company has had its hands full while researching to build more charging stations across the country.

Now, Sundar Yatayat will take things to the next level! According to the new report, the company is undergoing a process to establish an assembly plant in the Rupandehi district. Moreover, the plant will be used to manufacture electric two-wheelers and four-wheelers, made especially for the Nepali people.

According to Bhesh Bahadur Thapa, chairman of Sundar Yatayat,

“We held talks with related authorities like the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation and the Investment Board Nepal for the approval and they have approved our proposal. So, we will soon establish the assembly plant.”

Interestingly, Sundar Yatayat (20% stake) will build the assembly plant in partnership with a Chinese firm (80% stake). With the vision to inaugurate the plant within the next six months, the company has acquired land in the Butwal Industrial Zone.

What happens if the plant is build?

Then, the company will import parts, required for electric vehicles, from China. After that, they will assemble them in the plant in Nepal. In hinge sight, this process will drastically bring down the price of e-Vehicles in Nepal, which is a total win!

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