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STARTUPSNepal Announces ‘Udhyami Seed Camp – Tech Edition’

In this growing age, a career as an entrepreneur is growing rapidly and the number of startups in Nepal is increasing along with time. This choice of career can thrive better when developed through the means of technology. Technology and entrepreneurship is a very commendatory combination. STARTUPSNepal has come with the second edition, Tech edition of Udhyami Seed Camp to empower the very combination of technology and entrepreneurship.

Udhyami Seed Camp is an initiative by STARTUPSNepal, an online start-up community of Nepal. STARTUPSNepal is an innovative platform that intends to bring the entrepreneurs, both in their initial stage or the successful ones and potential investors together to develop the connection between them.

The first edition, Women edition of Udhyami Seed Camp was dedicated entirely to the women and their business idea development. It was a 5-day long entrepreneurial program organized from 21st-25th April 2017. It was a highly successful event and with the success of the first edition they have come up with yet another edition.

Udhyami Seed Camp – Tech Edition to be held from 25th-30th August 2017, is a 6-day long entrepreneurial program to help entrepreneurs with ideas and vision. These ideas and visions are tried to embed with different technologies along with proper guidance and knowledge. The program aims to coach and develop the visions into a feasible business.

The deadline to apply for this event is 20th August 2017. All the applicants will be reviewed and the ones with the most promising and potential ideas will be selected. The 2-3 team members of the selected start-ups will participate in the six-day long entrepreneurial program.

The 6 days of the camp is designed in such a way that the aspiring entrepreneur can establish a network, acquire exposure, access resources and get coaching and advice from the experts. At the end of this camp, the team will be bound to learn the required things and will have a better chance at achieving success in their entrepreneurship career.

Udhyami Seed Camp – Tech Edition is an ideal platform for technology-enabled startups to start and grow their businesses in Nepal. I believe that such platforms should be encouraged for the development of technology and startups both. All aspiring entrepreneurs with innovative ideas should apply for this program for their own growth and development.

To apply and learn more about Udyami Seed Camp – Tech Edition visit: http://startupsnepal.com/udhyami/

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