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SMS Trackers: Everything You Need to Know

An SMS tracker is a form of software that can uncover detailed information about the delivery and content of a text message or picture message. This software allows anyone to view and analyze individual or group messages and see encoding details, delivery patterns as well as error conditions.

You will also be able to view messages that have been deleted. Many people are surprisingly using these trackers and for many reasons. They’re mainly marketed at parents who are concerned about the safety of their teenage children; however, many people are also using these to spy on their partners who they suspect might be cheating.

If you’d like to know more about which SMS tracker sites to use, there are many sites available that review the best ones and if you’d like to gain more general information about SMS trackers, keep reading.

Are they safe

As with many things in life, there are risks and when you use an SMS tracker, you could potentially be at risk of confidential information being leaked if ever the server gets hacked or if the messages are intercepted during the transit period. There is also the risk of intrusive and unwanted advertising being included in the text messages, especially if the tracker is being used for commercial purposes.

To protect yourself, you need to use a reputable one. It’s also helpful to note that the technology used on reputable SMS trackers is safe, just ensure that you use a paid SMS tracker and not a free one. This will ensure you can optimally use the SMS tracker software, without restrictions.

Allow you to monitor text messages

With SMS trackers such as SPYERA, you can remotely capture all SMS conversations that are both incoming and outgoing. You can upload all this data onto your web account which allows for easier access and viewing. The information recorded will include timestamps, sender and receiver information as well as everything written in the text message regardless of whether it was deleted or not.

There is also an SMS keyword feature that allows you to select phrases and keywords that you deem dangerous or inappropriate for your child or business. Once you’ve selected these keywords and phrases, all text messages that contain those pre-set words will automatically be deleted before they are even seen. This feature is unique to SPYERA and is not found with other SMS trackers.

Allow you to record conversations

SPYERA, which is a leading SMS tracker, allows you to capture data that includes all incoming and outgoing SMS conversations. You can record all conversations including all the details such as timestamps, deleted texts, etc. This allows you to monitor and keep a record of your findings which you can revert to whenever you need to. This is useful if you need to confront the person you are spying on such as a deceitful employee or a cheating partner.

Protect your business (by monitoring employees)

Businesses are susceptible to threats, some external and some internal. This is why the SMS tracker is also aimed at businesses that can use this software to monitor employee activity on a company phone. This is a great line of defense against any data theft or insider threats because you will be able to see any discussions that are being held via SMS. Apart from being able to track and monitor SMSs, you can also delete SMS keywords, know exactly when texts were sent, who they are from and also see every single word being typed. You can send fake text messages with this software as well.

When taking the bold and controversial step to use an SMS tracker, please ensure that your intentions are pure and that you are not just using this technology for meaningless spying. Tracking someone’s text messages is a massive invasion of privacy and should only ever be done if you suspect a threat to yourself or your loved ones. Ensure you research different SMS trackers to ensure you use one that is reputable and safe to use. It is recommended that you avoid free SMS tracking services and instead use one that requires a payment and signing up to obtain a license to use their service which is the case for SPYERA.

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