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Smaterr App: Refurbishing Education System in Nepal using e-Learning

“Communication-Technology-Education: synonyms”.

Does this line make any sense? It’d been foolish to say this line made any sense 10 years ago.

But Times change. And well now, as a student and a writer, I say it makes perfect sense. The reason is e-learning. The concept still unfamiliar, is a gradual process which will eventually change the education system in Nepal. e-Learning combines education technology and internet to provide contents that will induce new generations to learn!

One of the projects recently launched for e-Learning in Nepal is Smaterr.Smaterr is an app designed for smartphones to promote e-Learning in Nepal. As an online platform, it provides integrated set of tools and resources to enhance learning. It also emphasizes “Collaborative Learning” to create a dynamic learning experiences. Heavy words, but it entirely sums up to say that this is a learning platform that will provide richer learning experience with enjoyable experiences.

Smaterr App: Impressions

Well in order to give you a perspective, a test is required. So Eventually, I tried the app. The app is free and the registration is quite simple as well.

The homepage is nice. The blue and white colors are appealing and the topics divided according to functionality is what makes the homepage alluring. The app at the very first glance does feel intuitive but still feels incomplete. Incomplete in the sense that it does not to cover enough subjects. The app only contains Math and Science for subjects for now. Which is fine but not enough, I’d say.Currently, Smaterr only houses videos from Grade 4 to 9. Considering how they’ve started just now, it’s acceptable. Like the other E-learning apps, it features Video components to present the topics. Each individual topic is divided into sub-divisions of shorter length. This way, the videos are way more interesting and effective.  This is the kind of approach I think will work. Because Shorter videos are the best, aren’t they?!

The distinguishing feature of this app is the quiz functionality. The app asks you to take a quiz each time you finish a topic. It highlights each individual topic in questions which is great for remembering things. There’s also section in this app called learning record. This section keeps track of how many questions you’ve attempted and how many were correct. Self-evaluation is an important asset, you know. So, great job on this section!

I can’t say for sure that this app will revolutionize learning but like other approaches say DLC, it’s a stepping stone! It doesn’t stand out much because it still in development stage. Flaws are present but who says they can’t be removed. After a couple of updates, it should turn out fine.

So, why not give it a try? Download their app from the play store and try using them, who knows maybe it’ll turn out to be a great experience for your child/siblings.

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