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SastoDeal New Year’s CELL-A-BRATION Sales: Get up to 40% Extra Discount by using CellPay

Are you wondering about what you should do to celebrate this New Year? Going out and partying may not be for most people. Some people tend to find enjoyment in the comfort of their houses. For them, one way to celebrate New Year’s could be by buying a new something for themselves.

For those people, Sastodeal in collaboration with CellPay is starting the Cell-A-Bration campaign to lighten up your New year. The event kick started a few days ago, and will be live up until the 2nd of January. Within this campaign, you can get hundreds of discounts on various items spread throughout the website. But we’ve been seeing these discounts in Sastodeal since it’s very inception.

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So, the question is what’s different?

Well, here’s where CellPay kicks in. Basically, what happens is that whatever product you buy credits up to a 40% discount amount. This discount is then converted into loyalty points which is stored into your CellPay account.

Each loyalty point that you earn amounts to exactly Re 1 Nepalese Rupee. The maximum discount that can be stored is Rs 1000. But, wait there’s more. Additionally, you can get an extra 10% discount on checkout and few selective brands do offer free delivery as well.

A little about CellPay

Now, many people here may not quite be aware of the term “CellPay” that I’m referring to. It’s mostly like a digital debit card, from where you can directly pay through your bank account with no hassle of carrying cards or loading funds! Unlike digital wallets, you just don’t need to load it at all and it sort of acts like a mediator between your bank account and transactions. So, what’s the catch here?Well, for the service that they provide, you’ll need to pay a small amount for each transaction. You could think of it as service tax but trust me, it’s not like how restaurants charge you, if you know what I mean. For further details on the matter, you can check out CellPay’s official website from here https://cellpay.com.np/.


Now, of course there’s condition in particular, that you’ll have to aware of. Since all of the loyalty points are gonna go to a CellPay account, it’s obvious you need a CellPay account. Now, this also means that the CellPay account will have to be connected to your bank account. First download the CellPay app, and just head on down to the manage accounts section by swiping right and add in your bank’s details. And you’re done.

Ok, that’s the end of Cell-A-Bration Campaign article. What do you think about the whole “loyalty points” offer? Is it lucrative enough to consider for your New Year sales plan? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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