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CellPay, A New Payment Service Launched in Nepal, with Promotional Schemes

There are different online payment Gateways in Nepal. E-Sewa, IME Pay and Khalti are some of the major online payment gateways in Nepal. All of these gateways serve a common purpose, to make online transactions common and more acceptable among the people.

Among those many gateways, CellPay, a new online payment gateway was rebranded successfully in Nepal recently by Cellcom Pvt. Ltd. So, what is CellPay? Let’s have a look,

A brief History

Literally speaking, it’s a platform through which people can complete their financial transactions through their phones. CellPay is also a platform, a payment service provider firstly launched in 2013 to provide the same facilities as the other gateways. They were inactive for the past 5 years for reasons that we don’t know yet. But on December, 2018 got their license and now have been rebranded. They have officially launched their mobile applications and now are operational.

CellPay Features

The way this application works is by connecting your phone to the bank directly. So, you can pay through your phone digitally without the need of physical money. The best way to understand CellPay is to think of it as a digital debit card.

About the features that they provide, they give services like bill payments (electricity, phone, water, internet, TV) phone top-up, bank transactions, Bank to Bank Transfer, Online Fund Transfer, Government Revenue Payments and Credit Card Payments.

Also, Rs 100 Top-up, savings up to 3% in Top-up and utility payment, 10% Loyalty Bonus and up to 25% discounts in SmartDoko are some promotional offers for new customers.

The extra highlighting feature about this application is the Bank-to-Bank transfer. This feature basically allows you to transfer funds within the supported Banks. Do note that there are only a few banks associated with this company as of now but there are some larger banks like Siddhartha, Citizens, Civil and Century Banks as current partners so chances that other Banks will be joining is also high.

At last

The Application/service that CellPay provides is not entirely unique. These features have been provided by other gateways like E-Sewa, IME Pay and Khalti. These other gateways have been there for a long time and it will be difficult to overcome them but if their new feature Bank-to-Bank Transaction and advertisements are able to gather people, they will surely rise up.

For now, they have an application in the Play Store and App Store, do check them out.

In the end, a question for you, do you really think another payment gateway is necessary in Nepal? Feel free to include your thoughts in the comment section below.

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