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Samsung TV Price in Nepal (June 2024 Updated)

Looking to buy a new Samsung TV? Confused by the many different models of Samsung TVs in Nepal? This list is for you.

Samsung TV Price Nepal 2023
Samsung TV Price Nepal 2023

In this list of Samsung TV price in Nepal, we’ll break down the Samsung TVs available in Nepal by their types and hopefully, help you make your decision.

Samsung TV in Nepal

So you might be wondering who sells these Samsung TV in Nepal. There are two official distributors of Samsung TVs in Nepal: Him Electronics and Triveni Byapar. We recommend buying from authorized channels so as to avoid having issues down the road.

Currently, there are a total of 27 Samsung TV in Nepal. The Samsung TV price in Nepal ranges from Rs. 55,990 to an eye-watering Rs. 6,30,990. Samsung does offer 1 year of warranty on their products. You can check more details about their policy here.

For those of you who want to know how to find the exact TV and its functions using the model number, here’s how Samsung names its TVs.

Let’s take the example of the UA32T4400 model.

The first alphabet denotes the display technology with “U” meaning LED. The second alphabet denotes the region or area where it’s produced, “A” meaning Asia. The two numbers following denote the size of the TV (in inches). After that refers to the specific model of the TV. For more details, visit here.

Here’s a picture to help you better understand:

Samsung TV Model Number Breadkown
Samsung TV Model Number Breakdown

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Samsung TV in Nepal Price List

Samsung TV Price Range in Nepal
HD Rs. 55990 – Rs. 62990
FHD Rs. 65490 – Rs. 89990
UHD Rs. 101990 – Rs. 464990
QLED Rs. 189990 – Rs. 630990
Frame Rs. 319990 – 432990
Neo QLED Rs. 259990 – Rs. 351990

Samsung TV Price in Nepal 2024

Samsung HD TV Price in Nepal

Starting our list is the HD Resolution TVs of Samsung. These TVs provide a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. If you have a smaller-sized room and don’t require a large TV, HD TVs will provide you with that perfect blend of size and picture quality.

Samsung HD TV
Samsung HD TV

These TVs are also relatively cheaper as most of the technology is now focused on FHD and 4K resolution TVs. However, do note that many already consider HD resolution outdated but it can still serve as a secondary or tertiary TV.

Samsung HD TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Festive Offer Price (Till 20th November 2023)
32" UA32T4400 Rs. 55990 Rs. 33222
32" UA32T4500 Rs. 62990 Rs. 37778

Samsung FHD TV Price in Nepal

FHD TV, also referred to as Full-HD, ultra-HD, true HDTV, and 1080p, is a television that offers more video quality and sharpness compared to the original high-definition television ( HDTV ) series. These TVs come in with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and have an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Samsung FHD TV Price in Nepal
Samsung FHD TV

FHD TVs provide that perfect level of price to performance, especially in Nepal where UHD TVs are still quite expensive to the general consumer.

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Samsung FHD TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Festive Offer Price (Till 20th November 2023)
43" UA43T5410 Rs. 65490 Rs. 52841
43" UA43T5400 Rs. 74990 Rs. 57386
43" UA43T5500 Rs. 89990 Rs. 65341

Samsung 4K TV Price in Nepal

A 4K TV (also called UHD TV) is a TV set with 4K resolution. They typically have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 on TVs, for a total of about 8.3 million pixels. Currently, 4K TVs are gaining popularity worldwide as they are getting affordable every year.

Samsung QLED TV Price in Nepal
Samsung QLED TV

If you have a decent-sized room and like watching movies and shows in High picture quality, you can’t go wrong with 4K TVs. Samsung also offers 4K TVs in a multitude of price ranges.

Samsung UHD TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Festive Offer Price (Till 20th November 2023)
43" UA43AU7700 Rs. 101990 Rs. 66477
43" UA43CU7700 Rs. 101990 Rs. 72159
55" UA55AU7700 Rs. 139990 Rs. 96591
55" UA55CU7700 Rs. 139990 Rs. 102273
65" UA65AU7700 Rs. 189990 Rs. 147727
65" UA65CU7700 Rs. 189990 Rs. 153409
75" UA75BU8000 Rs. 324990 Rs. 267045
75" UA75CU8000 Rs. 324990 Rs. 272727
85" UA85BU8000 Rs. 464990 Rs. 386364
85" UA85CU8000 Rs. 464990 Rs. 392045

Samsung QLED TV Price in Nepal

QLED TV is a TV based on Quantum dot, and this Quantum dot material is what differentiates QLED TVs from ordinary TVs.

Quantum dots are ultrafine semiconductor materials of nanoscale size. These points produce different colors of light depending on the size of the particle. They are able to emit precisely colored light because the particle size adjusts at quantum-level speeds, resulting in precise and efficient light emission.

Samsung QLED TV
Samsung QLED TV

Of course, the contrast ratio improves when the brightness is higher and the overall HDR is further improved on this panel. In short, QLED TVs produce some of the highest quality pictures with incredible dynamic range and color accuracy.

Samsung QLED TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Festive Offer Price (Till 20th November 2023)
55" QA55Q60B Rs. 189990 Rs. 153409
55" QA55Q60C Rs. 189990 Rs. 159091
65" QA65Q60B Rs. 299990 Rs. 244318
65" QA65Q60C Rs. 299990 Rs. 250000
75" QA75Q60B Rs. 378990 Rs. 312500
75" QA75Q60C Rs. 378990 Rs. 318182
85" QA85Q60B Rs. 630990 Rs. 534091

Samsung Frame TV Price in Nepal

The Samsung Frame TV is quite a unique and innovative television designed to blend in with your home’s decor.

The standout feature of the Frame TV is its “Art Mode” which transforms the screen into a high-resolution digital art display when you’re not actively watching TV. You can select from a wide range of artworks and your own photos.

Samsung Frame TV
Samsung Frame TV

Furthermore, Samsung offers interchangeable magnetic frames in various colors and materials, allowing you to change the look of the TV to complement your interior design.

Samsung Frame TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Festive Offer Price (Till 20th November 2023)
55" QA55LS03B Rs. 319990 Rs. 255682
65" QA65LS03B Rs. 432990 Rs. 340795

Samsung Neo QLED TV Price in Nepal

Neo QLED TV is Samsung’s high-end TV category that uses Quantum Matrix Technology to offer improved picture quality and performance compared to traditional QLED TVs. One of the standout features of Neo QLED is the use of Mini-LED backlighting technology.

Samsung Neo QLED TV
Samsung Neo QLED TV

Mini-LEDs are smaller and more densely packed than traditional LEDs used in QLED TVs which allows for more precise control of individual lighting zones, resulting in better contrast and black levels.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs Model Price in Nepal (MRP) Festive Offer Price (Till 20th November 2023)
55" QA55QN85B Rs. 259990 Rs. 207992
65" QA65QN85A Rs. 278990 Rs. 223192
65" QA65QN85B Rs. 351990 Rs. 281592

Where to buy a Samsung TV in Nepal?

If you are looking to buy a Samsung TV in Nepal and wonder where the official stores for Samsung are in Nepal. You can buy Samsung TVs online from Samsung Plaza or from authorized Samsung stores in the offline market. Check out the below table.

Location Contact No.
Inside Kathmandu
Kaldhara/Khusibun/Nayabazar 01-5919855
Suryabinayak/Bhaktapur 01-5919855
Bouddha/Chuchepati 01-4593388
Durbarmarg 01-5330382 | 01-5330378
New Baneshwor 01-5904712
Pulchowk/Lalitpur 015455686
Kumaripati/Lalitpur 01-5408676 | 01-5453742
Outside Kathmandu
Birtamode/Jhapa 023-543628 | 023-533301
Chipledhunga/Pokhara 061-582187
Laxmi Chowk/Dharan/Sunsari 9842587481
Gaighat/Udayapur 9814350526 | 9852830733
Narayangadh/Chitwan 9804234680
Puspa Lal Chowk/Dhangadi 9845975998 | 9865850195

Thoughts on Samsung TV Price in Nepal

So this was our list of Samsung TV price in Nepal 2024. Samsung is one of the most popular brands in Nepal, whether that be in the phone electronics industry or the home appliance industry. The only notable competitor for Samsung in the TV department would be LG.

While most of the Samsung Smart TV price in Nepal are on the high side, Samsung is known to make incredible panels and deliver very good picture quality. That’s also the reason why Samsung TV in Nepal are quite popular despite their high price.

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What do you think of the Samsung TV in Nepal? Let us know in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Samsung TV price in Nepal?
Samsung Smart TV in Nepal price range from Rs. 55,990 to Rs. 6,30,990.

Who is the authorized distributor of Samsung TV in Nepal?
Him Electronics and Triveni Byaparare the authorized distributors of Samsung TV in Nepal.

What is the most expensive Samsung Television in Nepal?
The 85″ QLED QA85Q60B model is the most expensive Samsung TV in Nepal. It costs Rs. 6,30,990.

Which is the cheapest Samsung TV in Nepal?
The 32″ HD UA32T4400 model is the cheapest Samsung TV in Nepal. It costs Rs. 55,990.

Which is the best Samsung TV in Nepal?
The Neo QLED TV is the best Samsung TV in Nepal.

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