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Drop Everything You Are Doing: Rs. 20,000!!! OFF on Samsung Galaxy S10e at Sastodeal

Okay. Stop everything you are doing guys. Sastodeal has brought you the deal of your life time. Samsung Galaxy S10e is now listed in Sastodeal for Rs. 73,999!!!!!!!!!! That’s an unthinkable price. This is so incredible that, even though I am writing this news, I am questioning its authenticity. But don’t worry. It’s authentic.

Samsung themselves posted plain and simple that Sastodeal is offering Samsung Galaxy S10e for Rs. 73,999 on Facebook. That is 20K less than the original price of Rs. 93,900.Of course, I checked if it was an April fool’s prank. But this facebook post went live on 2nd April. So, its legit. Also, the deal is already up on their site.

Go check it out.

This is so mind-boggling because to get this level of the price drop on a phone, you have to wait at least six months after a phone’s release. I remember writing in my launch article that Samsung should have had brought the S10e under 90K, maybe at Rs. 85K. However, this Sastodeal’s price is lower than my request by 10K!!! I have never seen this type of deal previously. If you were thinking of buying a premium smartphone, just close your eyes and buy the S10e ASAP.

Even at its original price, I argued that the S10e was the best of the new Galaxy Devices. Now, at this price, I would go crazy if anyone buys the Galaxy S10 instead of the S10e. To get an idea of how good this deal is, just look at this fact: You can now buy a Galaxy S10e and buy a sony wh1000xm3 (the best noise canceling headphones on the planet) and still save some money from the total price of Samsung Galaxy S10.

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If you are someone who had used Samsung phones all their lives and wanted to switch to something more powerful, this deal couldn’t have come at a better time. If this deal stays for long, I don’t know if people will buy the OnePlus 7 when it launches.

But I think this deal is going to be very shortlived. I mean if Sastodeal isn’t secretly a charity, then this deal will be shortlived. Until then, those who have money, dig into this sweet sweet deal from one of Nepal’s most popular e-commerce sites. Also, don’t forget to shower them with your love. Thank You Sastodeal.

If you still want to learn more about Galaxy S10e, check out our article on the Galaxy S10e. You’ll understand why you should buy this phone once you read that.

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