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Samsung AirDresser Steam Closet Launched in Nepal


  • Samsung AirDresser Price in Nepal is Rs. 2,50,000.
  • It cleans your clothes without the use of water.
  • The AirDresser has up to 24 cycles for various types of clothes.

Samsung Nepal has brought quite an interesting appliance to the Nepali Market. The AirDresser is Samsung’s new addition to their line of home appliances.

Samsung AirDresser
Samsung AirDresser

For those of you who may not know what exactly an AirDresser is and are interested to find out more, this article will focus on those things. Well, let’s get started.

An AirDresser is a steam closet that cleans your clothes without using water, well it does use water to produce steam, but it’s more akin to dry cleaning than traditional washing or using a washing machine. As such, the AirDresser is not a washing machine alternative.

If you’re the type of person who needs to visit the dry cleaners ever so often, this just might be the perfect alternative. However, it is quite expensive, right? So what does it have on offer to warrant such a price?

Samsung AirDresser Specifications

  • Body: 445 x 1850 x 632 mm, 78.6 kg
  • Drying Capacity: 2 Jackets + 2 Pants
  • Control Panel: Touch + LED
  • Compressor: Digital Inverter Compressor
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Power Input: 1700-2000W (220-240V / 50Hz)
  • Features: JetStream, Wrinkle Care, Child Lock, Delay End, and more
  • Colors: Cotta Charcoal

Samsung AirDresser Price in Nepal: Rs. 2,50,000.

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Samsung AirDresser Overview


Starting off with its looks, the Samsung Airdresser has a modern design and Cotta Charcoal finish. At the front there are controls for the AirDresser with Touch and LED, giving it a clean look and allowing it to seamlessly fit into your wardrobe. The AirDresser is also only 18 inches in width.

Samsung AirDresser Design

There are two water tanks at the bottom for storing drain water and clean water. The AirDresser doesn’t require a separate plumbing line for water intake. However, the clean water tank needs to be refilled after a couple of cycles for optimum performance.

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The AirDresser features 2 AirHangers and 2 Pant Clippers to hold clothing. It also features multiple cycles with varying options and Samsung has added lots of additional features to it. To name some cycles, we have Quick, Delicates, Drying, and so on.

Samsung has advertised 4 steps for refreshing clothes. Basically, once you place the clothes and start the operation, a JetSteam from the bottom half is used to sanitize and eliminate viruses and bacteria. A JetAir is then used to clean your clothes from the dust and lint collected.

Samsung AirDresser Features

The device then heats up and dries your clothes at a low temperature to reduce risk of damage and finally, using a deodorizing function with Air Filter, it removes odor that’s caused by sweat, tobacco, food, and so on. Samsung has claimed as low as 20 minutes for the quickest cycle to be finished.

Samsung’s AirDresser sounds impressive with all of its features, which, also can be used with the SmartThings app. The app allows users to control the device and also view reports related to power consumption and maintenance.

Samsung AirDresser Price in Nepal and Availability

The Samsung AirDresser price in Nepal is Rs. 2,50,000. It is available for purchase at Samsung Plaza and appliance stores across the country.

Samsung AirDresser Price in Nepal
Cotta Charcoal Rs. 250000

Samsung’s AirDresser is an appliance that will be of benefit to people who don’t have the time for dry cleaning regularly or want their daily clothes to be clean and ready for the next day without the hassle of washing them.

What do you think about the Samsung AirDresser? Let us know in the comments below!

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