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Rupandehi Establishes Itself as Nepal’s Cement Manufacturing Hub

Image Courtesy: Jagdambacement.com

Rupandehi has established itself as a cement manufacturing hub of Nepal having the biggest cement factories of the country with production topping over 100,000 tonnes per day (which is 40% of the total cement production in the country), reports The Kathmandu Post.

The Details:

  • Lumbini Corridor and Dhakdhai of Rupandehi district host 12 cement factories, which are Arghakhachi, Jagdamba, Siddhartha, Brij, Agni, Reliance, Goyanka, Supreme, Ambuja, Pathak, Maruti and Bishal.
  • Factories in Rupandehi are enhancing their production capacity with fresh investments.
  • For instance, Jagdamba is setting up another production plant in the eastern part of Bhairahawa which will produce 1,500 tonnes of cement per day.
  • Arghakhachi Cement is also building a new plant to produce clinker (cement).

What they are saying:

  • “Rupandehi is turning into a cement manufacturing hub, as the district does not face much problem in importing raw materials, such as coal and clinker, from India. Also, limestone mines are located in the vicinity of the district,” said Rajkumar Pokharel, managing director of Agni Cement.
  • “We are expanding the production capacity considering the growing demand for cement,” said Bidur Dhungana, managing director of Jagdamba Cement, which has already invested Rs3 billion in its existing cement production unit in Lumbini Corridor.
  • “The new production unit will bring Nepal closer to its goal of becoming self-sufficient in clinker and cement production,” said Uddhav Karki, managing director of Arghakhachi Cement, which currently produces about 2,500 tonnes of cement per day and provides employment to around 400 people.

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