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Rupandehi Shows Major Promises As Industrial Hub of the Country

Rupandehi in southern Nepal is going to transform to a major industrial hub of the country with promise of huge investments, reports The Kathmandu Post.

The Details:

  • Over 300 large firms have committed an investment of Rs. 1 billion each. Around 600 medium-sized firms are also going to invest a sizeable amount. The district also has over 10,000 small and cottage firms that will contribute as well.
  • In recent years, the district has had investments from hospitality industry, food industry and pharmacy pouring in billions of rupees.
  • Rupandehi’s district headquarter in Bhairahawa will open a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in a month. SEZ will serve as a special zone to host export oriented industries.
  • Similarly, Butwal will have an industrial area of 814 bighas where over 150 medium and large factories will be established.
  • Moreover various cement industries are also springing up in Rupandehi. Currently, 12 cement factories produce over 100,000 tonnes of cement daily that is 40% of the total cement sold in Nepal.

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