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Ruby Meetup Nepal on September 12, 2015

Ruby Meetup Nepal is being organized on September 13, 2015 starting from 2 PM to 5 PM at Innovation Hub @AmericanSpaces, FNCCI Building, Teku. The meetup is being organized with a purpose to unite and interact with distributed Ruby Developers of Nepal. It is not just an event, but also a medium to bring like-minded people together and share their acquaintance and expertise in Ruby and related web technologies.


To join the Meetup you need to do RSVP at

There will be two talks in the event.

1) Rails Assets Management – by Susan Joshi

2) MetaProgramming in Ruby – by Prasvin Pandey

Saroj Maharjan is the organizer and host of the meetup. He is a web developer and a Ruby on Rails consultant.

The meetup is being sponsored by Leapfrog Academy, Codyssey Web Nepal and Innovation Hub @AmericanSpaces.

To get additional information and updates about the event, join DN: Ruby Developers Nepal, a Facebook group of Ruby Developers of Nepal or tweet to @ruby_nepal.

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