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Revolt RV 400: This AI Enabled Electric Bike is Truly Revolutionary!

“Entry-Level”, “Commuter Segment”, “Electric Bike”

Those are the three letters I never thought I’d use together in an article. In an interesting turn of events, Revolt Motors has unveiled the revolutionary Revolt RV400 in India.

So, what’s Revolt RV400?

Revolt RV400 is a brand-new take on the electric motorcycle segment. Interestingly, it is an entry-level electric bike aimed for the commuter segment. Moreover, with the sporty build and aggressive design, everyone usually double looks to see if it is really made for commuters.

Revolt RV400: Design

Let’s start the things with the design. Revolt RV400 looks like a strange mix between the Pulsar NS 200 and KTM Duke 390. Moreover, it gets sharp, edgy, and aggressive design.

It comes with Remote Start, Geo-fencing, and an artificial exhaust sound system. Yes, a bike that lets riders choose between four default exhaust note options! How cool is that! Furthermore, it comes with a fully digital instrument console, regenerative braking system, Bluetooth connectivity, and three different riding modes: Eco, City, and Sport.

You must remind yourselves often that it is an electric bike. With the number of features on offer, everyone wants to go Green!

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Revolt RV400: Performance

Despite the name, Revolt RV400 is not a 400cc electric motorcycle. I guess, the company wanted the name to go along with the looks. I mean, who could blame them, right?

Anyhow, Revolt RV400 is powered by an electric motor, with 156km claimed range on a single charge. Unfortunately, the top speed is capped at 85km/h. So, the name RV400 seems very misleading… Maybe, RV125?

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Furthermore, it can be easily charged with onboard charger with the ability to the swap-out battery. Interestingly, it does provide a few different ways to charge at any given time.

Revolt RV400: Artificial Intelligence

According to Revolt Motors, Revolt RV400 comes packing with AI-enriched features. This is going to among the first electric motorcycle to learn from its riders. Moreover, it is all possible through the in-built 4G SIM.

Theoretically, RV400 will learn from your driving pattern, your regular routes, and overall your riding abilities. You will get a more personalized experience all the while getting slightly more range out of the battery.

Revolt RV400: Charger

Revolt RV400 comes with a 15A charger. The company claims that it can charge the device just under 4 hours, even with a home appliance.

Additionally, with the ability to carry an extra battery, you will be the ability to get a total range of 312km! In Kathmandu’s context, this should be more than enough.

Will Revolt RV400 Launch in Nepal?

Maybe I’ve hyped you more than I should. While it might seem that RV400 is a perfect electric bike for the streets of Kathmandu, it is a new company. Furthermore, Revolt RV400 hasn’t even launched in India.

So, talking all that in the account, I have to say… No, I don’t think Revolt RV400 will launch in Nepal. While it might ultimately get its launch in Nepal sometime in the future, there are no plans in works to bring it into Nepal. My heart truly believes that if Revolt RV400 did launch in Nepal, it will be another epic moment for the electric vehicle sector, like an affordable electric car: Dahe DH350L.

For convenience, let’s assume that Revolt RV400 might launch in Nepal. This leads to the question about its price. If Revolt RV400 gets launched in Nepal (it might not), Revolt RV400 price in Nepal is expected to be between Rs. 3-4Lakhs.

So, that’s all about Revolt RV400. The overall success of NIU points out that there is a market here. Maybe, Revolt Motors will see that.  Personally, I would love to see similar electric bikes make its way into Nepal. At this point, all I can do is hope.

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