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MG’s First Electric SUV, MG eZS EV, Officially Launched in Nepal: Priced at Rs. 50 Lakhs

As electric cars are a growing trend, more automotive brands are starting to push the concept to the general public. Among the few selling electric cars in Nepal, MG Motor has brought in a new competition. And yes, MG’s first electric SUV is here in Nepal!

mg zs ev price nepal

As for the pricing, the MG eZS price in Nepal is Rs. 49,99,000. According to MG’s Press Realase, eZS has already received more than 150 bookings! So, it’s already clear that it has been one of the most anticipated MG cars in Nepal.

Among those bookings, Paramount Motors has already delivered 40 MG ZS EV to its rightful owners. As for the remaining bookings, it is expected to be completed come next month of January.

MG eZS Overview

MG eZS is a fully-featured SUV that is powered by an electric motor. The performance numbers are impressive, producing 148BHP and 350Nm. Moreover, it is fast enough to get from 0 – 50kmph in just 3.1 seconds.

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Talking about the “fuel/drive range”, consumers can travel up to 428km on a single charge. I repeat, 400km+ on a single charge! It’s even more impressive when you find out that it can fast-charge up to 80% just under 30 minutes.

Talking more about the features, MG eZS will share its features with already available ZS. This includes the overall visual similarities, panoramic sunroof, an 8-inch Infotainment System, and many more. Honestly, I don’t know about this. Although the whole thing sounds too good to be true, I hope to god it is true.

Note: MG eZS in Nepal does not come with an MG mobility feature. As expected, Nepal does not have the proper infrastructure to support such high tech feature. Unfortunately, we will miss out on that!

2019 MG eZS Key Specifications

  • Motor: Electric
  • Battery: 8 Years Warranty
  • Charging Time (Power Charger): 80% in just 30 mins
  • Driving Range: 428km
  • Max Power: 201BHP
  • Max Torque: 395Nm
  • Ground Clearance: n/a
  • Tire: n/a
  • Kerb Weight: n/a

2019 MG eZS Price in Nepal: Rs. 49,99,000

Should You Buy MG ZS EV in Nepal?

“Electric cars aren’t as good as fuel-consuming cars.”

This was among the popular debate-topic when it came to the future of four-wheelers. But the misconception was put to rest when Elon Musk introduced Tesla Roadster. It proved that electric cars are as capable of fuel-consuming cars. The entire landscape is changing, and more automotive brands are pushing electric cars to the general consumer.

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As a car owner, you should know the pros and cons. Consider how much money you already spend on fuel. Combine a few things like commuting to work every day, a larger fuel tank, and fuel price hike. That’s a daily expenditure that you might not be a fan of. That’s where MG eZS comes into play. Priced similarly between the modern SUV, you might even consider giving it a look. Completely removing the fuel from the equation, you are compelled to give it a look!

As for the competition, Kia Soul EV is the only competition for MG eZS. Compared to the specs of MG, eZS will be miles ahead of the competition, offering more both in features and performance. Ironically, despite being far superior and premium in comparison, MG ZS EV comes at a somewhat affordable price.

If I do get an opportunity to choose between Kia Niro EV, Hyundai Kona, Kia Soul EV, and MG eZS. Just because of that attractive pricing, I’m more inclined towards choosing MG eZS over anything else!

What are your thoughts on the MG eZS? Are you a fan of electric cars? Will you consider buying it? Tell us all about it in the comments down below!

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