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Redmi Note 7 Pro (6/128GB) for Just Rs. 21,699 on Daraz 11.11 Sale – BEST DEAL EVER!

Are you looking for a great phone for an affordable price? Well, if you are, go no further. Because Daraz is offering you a Redmi Note 7 Pro for just Rs 21,700 today on Daraz 11.11 Sale. If you’re not quite of the device, just check it out from this link.

The current market price for Redmi Note 7 Pro is Rs 28,999. As a regular discount, daraz is offering 6% off on Redmi Note 7 Pro. This lowers down the price to Rs 27,199.

But it’s not just regular discount, if you think about everything carefully, you can lower the price to just Rs 21,700! Ok, so how do you get an extra discount of Rs 5,500 for the Redmi Note 7 Pro?

Well, it’s really simple actually. Let’s break it down to two parts.

Rs. 2000 Discount via Vouchers

Vouchers play a major role in this discount scheme. There are tons of vouchers on Daraz 11.11 Sale that offer numerous discounts on a purchase up to certain level. However, our main target is the one that offers Rs 2,000 off with voucher code “SNAPIT2000” on a minimum purchase of Rs 25,000. So, when you think of Redmi Note 7 Pro, its price is set at Rs 27,199 which means that this phone is liable to this discount.

With this discount voucher, the price is lowered down to Rs 25,199! But wait, that’s just Rs 2,000 discount, where’s the remaining Rs 3,500? Well, this is where the second part kicks in.

Rs. 3500 via Credit Cards/Debit Cards Payment

Credit and Debit Cards are our joker cards. With Credit/Debit cards, Daraz is offering discounts all the way 20% or Rs 3,500! Just pay through credit cards, and you instantly get discounts of Rs 3,500 on already discounted products.

Do note that the upper limit on discounts is just Rs 3,500. 20% discount on Rs 27,199 is over Rs 5,000. But, since the upper limit is Rs 3,500, you just get Rs 3,500 off.

Latest Mobile Prices

But just wait and hear me out. Not all banks are giving away discounts. As per the intel received, 6 major banks have partnered with Daraz for this scheme. These 6 members include Nabil Bank, Sanima Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal Investment Bank Limited, NIC Bank and Mega Bank.

So, that’s Rs 2,000 from Vouchers and Rs 3,500 from credit cards. That leaves you with a total of Rs 5,500 discount!

Sum Up

  • MRP: Rs. 28,999
  • After Daraz 6% Discount: Rs. 27,199
  • After Rs. 2000 Voucher Discount: Rs. 25199
  • After you pay using credit/debit card, additional Rs. 3500 discount:  Rs. 21,699

Process to Obtain Discount

Now, what kind of process do you need to follow?

In order to obtain discount, you need only follow these 4 steps.

Just select the product (click here to land on the Redmi Note 7 Pro buy page on Daraz), enter voucher code at the checkout store, place your order and then prepay with your credit card. That’s it. After that, the order is complete and your Redmi Note 7 Pro should be on its way to you!

Ok, that’s all on this article. Lastly, If you do get the Redmi Note 7 Pro, do let us know your thoughts on the device and 11.11 day sale on the comments down below.

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