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Qniverse Celebrates Its First Anniversary with Annual Gala Event

On Tuesday, December 19th, Qniverse, a UK-based international quality assurance (QA) company, marked its first anniversary by hosting a successful annual gala event at Hyatt Place, Kathmandu.

Qniverse Annual Gala - Celebrating 1st Anniversary
Qniverse Annual Gala – Celebrating 1st Anniversary

It featured a variety of activities, including presentations from each team where they shared their SMART goals and a speech from CEO Utshah Sharma and Co-Founder Eddie Harford, who thanked everyone for their hard work and contributions to the company’s success over the past year and shared updates on Qniverse’s progress.

In addition, there was an award distribution ceremony to recognize the achievements of team members, as well as informal events where team members had the opportunity to show off their talents and give fun performances.

Qniverse’s Progress and Accomplishments

Registered in December, Qniverse was officially launched in January with 12 QA engineers. In April, the company formed an employee engagement team. And in May, it won its first independent client, Hawkins Project, a UK-based forensic investigation firm.

August marked the first Qniverse Quarter, during which the company also established an executive leadership team and a creative team. The following month, Qniverse began refurbishing its office and initiated a Salesforce training program.

In October, Qniverse established its own finance team and also assisted the team of Dogma Group, a UK-based group of IT companies, in preventing bugs. In November, Qniverse finalized the design of its new website. And in December, the office renovation was completed, and Qniverse hit £100,000 in internal revenue.

The first year has been exciting in terms of growth and building the right stability in the platform. Next year is all about taking that next level, that next step building on success.

— Eddie Harford, co-founder and CIO of Qniverse

Qniverse’s staff has grown from 12 to 36, and the company now has five departments instead of one. Previously, it had no dedicated office, but now it has a fancy one.

Team Presentations and Award Ceremony

The Qniverse teams — UJVERSE, Bug diggers, Qniverse of Madness, Team Quality, and QA Dream Team — each presented their domain diversity, SMART goals, projects, and team achievements.

Qniverse Award Distribution Ceremony
Qniverse Award Distribution Ceremony

Following the team presentations, awards were distributed in order to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of the team members. Anup Nepal received the Ace of Initiative award, Parasmani Kharel received the Iron Man award, Aastha Shrestha received the Alpha award, Aashish Maharjan received the Circle of Excellence award, and Amar Bhandari received the Go That Extra Mile award.

Qniverse’s Goals for 2023

The CEO and co-founder concluded the formal event with a presentation on Qniverse’s ambitious goals for 2023. Their plan includes expanding revenue from independent clients by 2.5 times, growing revenue from the partnership with Dogma by 2 times, and reaching the £1 million turnover target.

CEO Utshah Sharma giving speech at the event
CEO Utshah Sharma giving speech at the event

“In order to increase our revenue from independent clients, we plan to establish a dedicated sales team. While our partnership with Dogma has provided us with many valuable projects, we also want to expand our reach and work with a wider range of clients.

— Utshah Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Qniverse

To achieve these goals, the company will focus on improving its tools, building a dedicated sales team, recruiting and onboarding new team members, implementing marketing strategies, optimizing their Google Ads and SEO, and generating pipelines and new leads from marketing efforts. Additionally, Qniverse plans to launch its new website, and also launch its first independent client project, the Hawkins project, by April 2023.

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