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Nepali CEO Utshah Sharma is Leading the UK-based Quality Assurance Company—Qniverse

With the aim of transforming the traditional notion of quality assurance in the IT industry, a new UK-based international quality assurance company called “Qniverse LTD” was launched on January 29, 2022.

Utshah Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Qniverse
Utshah Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Qniverse

The company is led by 27-year-old CEO Utshah Sharma. The company, Qniverse, which is going against normal traditions with a young female CEO, is empowering women in Nepal, with over 70% of the workforce also female.

Sharma started her career as a software tester six years ago. Over the course of her career, she gained valuable expertise and skills in QA and team building while working for several companies in Nepal and India, including Spark Tech, Leapfrog, and Fable Fintech.

Sharma joined Dogma Group, a UK-based group of IT companies, two years ago. The group provides different IT services through its partner companies and is known for providing high-quality services. The company had built a strong quality department within its business to ensure that the quality was always the best.

Sharma and Eddie Harford, founder and CEO of Dogma Group, recognized the quality assurance service Dogma was providing was something very special and no other companies offered it. So, rather than limiting the quality service within just Dogma Group or any other single company, Sharma and Harford decided to make it open for all the other businesses.

Eddie Harford, co-founder and CIO of Qniverse
Eddie Harford, co-founder and CIO of Qniverse

This is how the concept came to be, and Utshah Sharma and Eddie Harford co-founded Qniverse, where Harford serves as CIO.

“Other companies have a “QA” department, but they just focus on testing the system and are mostly overshadowed by the hype of automation, i.e., automating things but not looking at quality from the very initial stage.

So, we came up with the concept that, rather than just sticking to identifying the bugs, we would also check quality in everything, starting from the documentation to the delivery, and even after delivery.”

—Utshah Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Qniverse


Qniverse provides quality assurance services across key domains such as payroll, AI, HR, ERP, CRM, mobile, web, etc. to companies all around the world. The service provider will help improve the quality of the software products by checking for bugs, vulnerabilities, and whether the product is functioning as intended.

Qniverse services
Qniverse services

It ensures the quality requirements of the product are fulfilled and the users will have a good experience using the product. In its first month, Qniverse has already attracted major clients such as AstraZeneca, Virgin Care, and Davies Group.

“The quality assurance service is not new. Lots of people do it, but not many people do it well.

We provide quality solutions for anyone and everyone. We have an amazing team, and we know what we do is good.

Now, what we just want to do is communicate what we can do to a large global audience around the globe, so we can spread our culture of quality everywhere we go.”

—Eddie Harford, co-founder and CIO of Qniverse

According to the company, freshers are also given opportunities. Team building, called “Team building Qniversed” by the company, is one of the other services provided by the organization.

Qniverse uses this service to grow a team by offering opportunities to recent graduates. The company puts them through the induction process and the company’s courses, as well as training plans. All employees can also have a day per week of paid time within the company for self-improvement and learning.

Future Plans

Qniverse is currently based in the UK and is operating in Nepal through SeeLogic International, a Dogma Group Nepali subsidiary specializing in CRM, ERP, and HRM. Within 6 months, the company plans to launch a separate company for Qniverse in Nepal under the name “Qniverse International” and a new website.

Over the next 12 months, the company will run sales and marketing strategies to win new clients and also expand to European regions. And after 18 months, the company plans to open a new office in the USA.

Qniverse team
Qniverse team

“Though we are opening offices in other areas of the world,” Eddie Harford stated, “the core of what we do and will do in the organization will be for Nepal.” He added that Qniverse has already set up several programmes in Nepal, where the company has partnered with a number of colleges and universities.

People in colleges and universities will receive training and courses as part of the programme, giving them career opportunities to serve different markets around the world.

The company hopes to have a few hundred people in the organization in the next couple of years. Additionally, Qniverse will receive USD 2 million in funding over the next 2–3 years.

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