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Python User Group Nepal 8th Meetup being held on 13th December, 2015

Python Users Group Nepal is going to organize its 8th meetup on 13th of December 2015 starting from 11:00 AM. Meetup will be organized at Leapfrog Academy, Dillibazzar. Leapfrog Academy is also supporting this Meetup.

The meetup is organized with a purpose to bring like-minded people together and share their acquaintance and expertise in Python and related web technologies. Python User Group Nepal meetup is not only for techies of Python, but also for those people who have a desire to know about the Python and want to be part of this community.


This time, the meeting will be more centric about general tools and techniques that can be applied to any other programming language.

There will be two talks in this event.

Web Scraping Techniques

Krishna Sunuwar, CEO and Co-founder Ontreat will be talking on the topic. Ontreat is a restaurant booking and food buying service for giving treats and surprise parties to friends and family from anywhere in the world.

The talk will focus on general techniques used in web scraping from basics to those that enables you to scrape even the hard-to-scrape sites. It will have a short introduction to Python’s scrapy framework.

Scalable data processing at Grepsr

Subrat Basnet, CTO and CoFounder at Grepsr will be talking on the topic. Grepsr is a data extraction and web crawling startup in Nepal.

The talk will focus on how grepsr uses tools like Apache storm, docker, Kinesis, Apache Mesos and gearman to scale the service in processing millions of records. Founded in 2012, it has been able to attract some of the world’s most respected brands like Twitter and target as its clients. Python is used as a tool to glue all services together.

In order to confirm your participation you need fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17llNpQMiRDhR6iD4V15Bpwkvtr3Xx7bWnIC6QFcJw5k/viewform

To get additional information and updates about the event, join DN: Python User Group Nepal, a Facebook group of Python enthusiasts of Kathmandu.

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