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Prabhu TV Gives Away 1 Month of Free App Streaming Service to Ncell Users

More than three weeks of this on-going lock-down has changed a lot of the pre-existing scenarios. Businesses and the economy market in general, have undergone a sudden downward transition. This transition has forced firms to undertake the “improvise-adapt-overcome” motto. Following that principle, complementary services, in particular, are slowly popping up in the market.

One such service that’s particularly helpful for Ncell users has just sprung up in the market. Prabhu TV has recently announced a month of complimentary service for those people who currently use Ncell number.

The Complimentary Offer

For those people that currently own a Ncell number, you can watch Prabhu TV for free for a whole month. You may not know it, but Prabhu TV has a separate broadcasting app available in the Play Store. The app can be downloaded for free and you can stream live TV from your phone itself.

Previously, certain channels required payments in-order to be accessed for a certain time-frame. Considering the on-going pandemic, Prabhu TV is offering free streaming services to those people who use Ncell SIM. All you have to do is download the app and log in using your phone number. And with that, you get access to all available channels in the network. The service is only available for Ncell users at the moment.

Unlike their set-top box system, the app has certain limitations to the channel count. It primarily includes only a portion of the total count. Still, the stream is pretty smooth and there were hardly any lags in between. Aside from that, there are a couple of movies, news, and radio that you can enjoy too.

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Extended Offers

Aside from the complimentary free TV service, there are a couple of other extended offers in their regular services as well. One particular offer is the free bonus on Prabhu TV recharge. If you subscribe to Prabhu TV, you can avail of an extended bonus on your subscriptions. There’re two sections under it; the first one provides a free 1-month bonus on a 6-month recharge. The other one provides 2 months of complimentary bonus on a 12-month recharge.

Prabhu TV currently houses in a total of 150 channels which includes 40+ HD channels. If you’re wondering, their 6 months package starts at Rs 3600 while the 12 months package starts at Rs 5000.

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Well, that’s all on Prabhu TV and it’s ongoing offers. If you do own a Ncell number, be sure to try out the free TV scheme. It’s not much but it’s something. And oh, if you’re further interested in the extended offers, do give their page a visit.

Download the Prabhu TV app

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