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Pokémon Go has stopped working in Nepal [Updated]

Pokémon Go has stopped working in Nepal. The popular game developed by Niantic Inc. has stopped showing Nearby Pokémons, Poke-stops and Gyms as well as stopped counting the distance travelled for hatching eggs. Currently, you can view your Pokémons, train and evolve them and view your accomplishments, but that’s about it.

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No official statement has been released by Niantic, as we speak. According to the general public, Niantic banned Nepal for Pokémon Go as the game hasn’t been officially released yet. The servers for our region could be down, since the game is running perfectly on other countries.

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  • Found that the game is not working in Kathmandu including other major cities of Nepal. But, it is working fine in Butwal. So, it might be a good news that it is not banned in Nepal.
  • Rumors have been going around that the game is not working since Pokémon Go India server has been down a while.
  • Another rumor, since the game has launched very recently (few hours ago) in Japan and they probably don’t want any troubles. So, the game might have been stopped working in Nepal. It might be that Niantic is about to launch the game in other countries one after other and want to ensure everything goes well.
  • Seems like this is happening in India as well. A topic on Reddit claims that this problem is happening in all countries where the game has not been released officially. Even some cities of India are facing the problem. It is not a ban. A redditor on the same topic says, “Guys, Niantic is probably planning to release the game officially in India soon. Japan went through similar situation before release.”  Maybe they’re planning to release officially in Nepal as well. So, relax guys.
  • IBTimes claims that the places have been geo-blocked to contain server requests. According to them the geo-block has been lifted on a few cities of Nepal (Butwal and Nepalgunj).

If you have got any updates about this situation then let us know. Also, do comment below either Pokémon Go is working in your city or not, mention your city city.

We’ll keep you updated when the Pokémon Go is up and running again!

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