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OnePlus 5T: The Bigger and Better Younger Brother

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OnePlus just announced its new flagship: The OnePlus 5T.

Just 5 months after the OnePlus 5 was released, OnePlus brought the updated version to keep up with the ever-growing smartphone market. This year OnePlus has done something different. Instead of just improving the specifications, they have made quite a few changes this time around.

OnePlus 5T: The Bigger and Better Younger Brother

oneplus 5t displayBigger Display

The smartphone industry is rapidly making its way towards the “bigger display” territory.

After its competitors like Apple, Samsung, LG, and many other huge smartphone companies shifted towards the taller display, i.e. the 18:9 aspect ratio and smaller bezels, OnePlus could not have itself behind.

The new OnePlus 5T has a new taller 6-inch display with very minimal bezels on top and bottom. It is rocking a 2160×1080 resolution. This might seem a little bit low at this point but it looks just fine on a 6-inch device.

Facial Recognition

Of course, with the smaller bezels, OnePlus had to do something with the Fingerprint Sensor. The new OnePlus 5T has the Fingerprint sensor on the back. OnePlus hasn’t anything weird with its Fingerprint Sensor, like its competitors: Samsung has it beside the camera and Apple completely ditched it.

But Fingerprint sensor isn’t the only sensor in the OnePlus 5T. The new OnePlus 5T has Facial Recognition. Yes, you heard it right. Facial Recognition. And it is blazing fast. At least 5 times faster than the new iPhone X. But with this speed comes security issues. So, we’ll get to know about it in the coming days.

Better Camera

oneplus 5t camera

OnePlus has done something different with the cameras this time. Ditching the telephoto lens, they have added another 20 Megapixel camera with f/1.7 aperture.

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According to OnePlus, it is supposed to help with the low-light photography.

The exact statement was, “To maximize the amount of light each pixel can capture, the OnePlus 5T has been equipped with ‘Intelligent Pixel Technology’.

By merging 4 pixels into one when ambient light is lower than 10 lux*, it reduces noise in low-light environments and enhances clarity.” As a whole OnePlus nails it in the camera department.


In a nutshell, OnePlus did not disappoint its customers. Keeping the best features from last time, OnePlus managed to release even better flagship this year. And, yeah, it has what many other smartphones do not: The headphone jack!

The OnePlus 5T is scheduled to be available on November 21 but it might take a couple of weeks to make its way to Nepal.

With the base model priced at 500 USD, the price will likely stay the same as the OnePlus 5. Same as the last year it comes in two variants, 64 GB storage and 6 GB RAM or 128 GB storage and 8 GB RAM.

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