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OnePlus 5T 6GB RAM Now Available for Rs. 49,999 at Daraz [Deals]

Daraz is back with another deal people. This time it is a beloved phone from your beloved company. The OnePlus 5T from OnePlus is on sale for Rs. 49,999 and life couldn’t be any sweeter.

If you don’t know about OnePlus, they are a smartphone company wildly successful in US and India. The reason for their success? They sell the best hardware that can be found in the Android smartphone market at the best possible price. Though the OnePlus 5T is nearly a year old, it is still more powerful than the Samsung Galaxy A8 star or the Oppo F9 that are coming out this year and cost nearly the same (Samsung A8 Star costs Rs. 59,900 and Oppo F9 costs 45K). The OnePlus 5T has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 inside. The model that Daraz is selling even has 6GB RAM. This phone still has got enough power to make it feel like a flagship for the next 2 years.

Also, OnePlus has an amazing track record for software updates. It has just been about 45 days since the Android Pie was released to the public and OnePlus has already updated their OnePlus 6 with it. Samsung Galaxy S9 is still waiting for its update, so are other phones except for the Pixel devices.

So, if you are in the market for a new smartphone, you should definitely, absolutely look at the OnePlus 5T. If I was not happy with my smartphone right now, I would buy this phone in the blink of an eye (if I had the money).

To check out this Daraz deal, click this link.

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