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NTA to Develop a New Technology for Monitoring International Calls

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Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) lacks the information of international telecom traffic, and traffic used by each telecom companies. NTA has come up with a plan to connect new technology to monitor international phones. The Authority has taken this measure for monitoring, measuring of telecommunication traffic to prevent the counterfeit technology

On 6th October 2017, NTA released a notice, calling for the consultant to develop new technology for telecom traffic monitoring and measuring. Consulting companies or individuals are expected to design, develop and supply hardware and software to be installed for authorization.

The required technology should provide local and international traffic volumes at the time and should be able to track and monitor international calls. In addition to this, the technology should determine the quality of local and international telecommunication traffic.

Currently, Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Smart Telecom and UTL only utilize the permission of the International Phone Gateway, despite Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Nepal Satellite Telecom, Smart Telecom, UTL, and ATIs are given the permission.

According to an official of the Authority, telecommunications companies do not inform the International Phone Traffic. Even if the information is provided, it is not clear and they are expected to develop technologies in the risk of defusing revenue.

Authorization has been published only to inform international consultants for consulting this technology. The proposal of technology be presented on the basis of which the consultant will be appointed. The willing companies will have to present the proposal within November 6.

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