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NTA to Soon Monitor International Calls

Nepal Telecom Authority

Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) is soon going to monitor international calls of domestic telecom companies, reports The Himalayan Times. NTA is trying to ensure that the government receives proper revenue via International Call Traffic.

Since the government does not have any monitoring mechanism till date, it is collecting said revenue on the basis of rates and volume of international calls that are given by the telecom companies.

Recently, international firms were sought by the NTA to provide consult on this matter. And on October 6, NTA issuing a notice for interested companies to the design, develop, supply, install and provide operation and management services to monitor/measure international telecommunications traffic.

Min Prasad Aryal, spokesperson for NTA said, “We are basically trying to develop a system that detects international calls (to and from Nepal) at the international gateway itself. As we have been receiving complaints of different illegal calls in Nepal, the system will also be able to track such illegal calls.”

Once NTA has the new system, it will be able to ensure accountability in revenue.

Currently, NTA is getting a revenue of Rs 150 million annually on average from the two major telecom companies; Nepal Telecom and Ncell.

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