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NRB Retrieves Majority of NIC ASIA Bank Hacked Amount

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Nepal Rastra Bank(NRB), the central banking authority of Nepal, reports that it has successfully retrieved a major portion of the amount that was hacked from NIC ASIA Bank’s SWIFT system.

Unidentified cybercriminals had hacked the SWIFT system of NIC ASIA Bank during the Tihar vacation, when all the operation of banks remains closed. In banking history of Nepal, this is the biggest cyberheist till date.

SWIFT, or Society for Worldwide Interbank Telecommunication, is a global financial messaging system that is used by thousands of banks worldwide to transfer money.

NRB Spokesperson, Narayan Poudel has expressed his disappointment against the ongoing rumors about the total hacked sum. “Only 31 crores was hacked from the system, and out of it only 14 crores was transacted.”, says Poudel.

“NRB is making its utmost effort to retrieve all the left amount.”, he adds.

The hacked amount was transferred to eight banks in six countries.

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