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NIU U-Series, An Affordable Electric Scooter from NIU, Makes it Way to Nepal

First came the NIU M1 Pro, then came the NIU’s best-seller NIU N1s. Now, Motor Vehicle Company, the authorized dealers of NIU electric scooters in Nepal, has officially announced the launch of the all-new NIU U-Series. It follows the similar design aesthetics of the N1s, with the all-new “Naked” frame. Furthermore, it is already available in all NIU showrooms.

NIU U-Series marks the entry of the new-era in an electric scooter. How? It was already affordable, to begin with, and now, it’s more accessible to the general public. Moreover, the U-Series has been purpose-built for the city, taking account to the real-city factors that influence the everyday riding habits. As for the pricing, the NIU U-Series price in Nepal is Rs. 1,85,000.

NIU U-Series Overview

NIU U-Series is drastically different than previous NIU eScooter. Although you might consider it as a mix between the M1 Pro and the N1s, the external 38mm “Naked” steel frame sets it apart. Thanks to this unique frame, you don’t get any other extra weight that might affect the overall handling and maneuvering.

Plus, you get the all the standard features like LED lights, 360-degree day-time running lights, turn-signal indicators, LCD instrument cluster, mode selection (2 modes), and so much more. Likewise, you will get access to Battery Status, Usage Statistics, Real-time Mileage, Clock, GPS & Cellular Signal.

NIU U-Series Battery

NIU U-Series in powered by a Bosch Motor. So, this comes equipped with Field Oriented Control (FOC). FOC provides a smooth acceleration rate of 10% input ~ 10% output. Moreover, it houses the 800-Watt battery with a capacity of 21Ah, that packs enough punch for the city ride.

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Since this is an electric scooter, the charging time and range must be disclosed. Furthermore, you should carefully consider the type of riding along the driving range before you fully invest. Speaking of range and charging time, you get a range up to 40-50km per charge along with the charging time of 4-6 hours.

Moreover, U-Series will come equipped with onboard Battery Management System (BMS). It’s like a safety-mechanism to ensure that the battery will run smoothly. It will analyze the current, voltage, temperature, and other ten electrical problem.

Well, isn’t it less compared to other NIU scooters? Yes. However, you should remember that the U-Series is aimed solely for city-riding. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget that U-Series is among the affordable NIU eScooter in Nepal. So, to get it to that price point, you must sacrifice something.

NIU U-Series: What’s New?

In 2019, being an electric scooter isn’t enough to be a sell-factor. The company must offer something more, something unique to the consumer. Unlike other eScooter brands, NIU does it best. The list of features includes EBS with RBS, Cloud ECU, Six-Axis Motion Sensor, BMS, Keyless Ignition, and NIU Motor Lock.

So, you get plenty of features on offer, but what does it do?

So, starting with Electronic Braking System (EBS) and Regenerative Braking System, whenever you use the brakes, the Kinetic Energy is produced. The same Kinetic Energy is recycled back into the battery which can extend the range up to 6%.

Likewise, Cloud ECU is your private scooter analyst. Basically, you can collect, diagnose, and process your driving data to optimize the overall riding experience. Furthermore, NIU Motor Lock and Six-Axis Motion Sensor will improve your vehicle’s overall security, preventing any unauthorized movements.

Finally, you get Keyless Ignition. With U-Series Key, you can easily unlock your scooter or simply turn on from 50 meters away. Consider it as your cherry on the top.

NIU U-Series Key Specifications

  • Power: 800 Watt
  • Mileage (city): 40-50km
  • Top Speed: 55kmph
  • Number of Modes: Two
  • Battery capacity: 21Ah (48v)
  • Weight (Dry): 95 kg
  • Charging time: 4-6hr
  • Braking: Dual Disc with EBS
  • Ground Clearance: 160mm

NIU U-Series Price in Nepal: Rs. 1,85,000

Should I Buy NIU U-Series in Nepal?

Currently, there are three NIU eScooter in Nepal. Each scooter is different than the next. When compared to its siblings, U-Series comes equipped with a less powerful battery. So, what does it mean for you as a buyer?

Nothing really. Each NIU shares a common them; being a good eScooter. You get a similar list of features and choosing between them isn’t very difficult. All you must keep in mind is the two essential factors—three if you count your daily driving range. Whichever the case maybe, the two essential factors are the battery and styling. U-Series does rock in the styling aspect, however, falls short in the battery aspect.

If your daily driving commute is up to 10-20km per day, the NIU U-Series is the best stylish eScooter at an affordable price. Plus, the styling alone sets it apart from the rest. However, if you want a larger battery size, you could easily choose other NIU eScooters over this one.

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