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NIC Asia Bank Brings Lucrative Cashback Offers Ranging up to Rs 4000 on Digital Transactions

The past few weeks of quarantine have been tough on all of us. Locked up inside our houses to avoid any physical contact, has definitely been heavy. In particular, the financial burden involving transactions has been a major pain.

In order to make this situation as elementary as possible, the government has been encouraging to adapt to digital transactions. The transition does seem a little bit complex but it’s a definitive approach to a safe transaction amidst this crisis.

To make this matter a little bit relaxed economically, NIC Asia Bank has brought forth certain lucrative cashback offers on the digital transactions. As per this cashback scheme, a customer using the Bank’s digital channels to make payments can get a cashback of up to Rs. 4,000 every month! Interesting, isn’t it? Well, let’s talk about it in detail then.

So, What Sorts of Cash Back are we Talking About?

Starting off, those customers who are completely new to the Mo-Bank App (or Mobile Banking Platform) will get 100% or up to Rs 100 cashback on their very first payment. Likewise, if you were to open an online bank account through NIC ASIA BANK’s website, that too will avail a 100% or Rs 500 cashback. Mind that these transaction fees are completely free of charge as per Bank’s rules.

Aside from that, the bank has announced “Happy Hour”, a 12-hour time; starting from Friday 8 PM to Saturday 8 AM. Within this frame, each transaction performed using the mobile banking app will earn you a 5% or Rs 100 each back.

Oh, and there’re certain offers for students as well. Those students that open up a bank account in NIC Asia Bank and start using MoBank App, will have Rs 100 deposited into their accounts. Besides this, there’s also leverage for those customers that spend the most. Called the “Jati Dherai Karobar, Tyeti Dherai Upahar”, this offer provides a chance for 3 lucky winners to gets cashback up to Rs 500 every week! Likewise, the customer will get up to Rs 1000 for conducting a maximum number of transactions on a monthly basis.

Moreover, the bank has made an understanding with over 2500 merchants like hospitals, hotels, restaurants to provide discounts. Using NIC Asia’s digital payment channels, you can get discounts of up to 30%.

Collaboration with E-Commerce Platforms

Furthermore, NIC Asia has also managed to establish a connection with different E-commerce platforms. MeroKirana is one such platform that is providing collaborative offers with NIC Asia Bank. Those customers who purchase goods and make payments through the MoBank App will get 10% or up to Rs 500 cashback. Additionally, if the customers make use of Credit/Debit cards for payment, another 10% discount will be added.

Likewise, the same understanding has been made with Foodmandu as well. The same formula, i.e. ordering food from the Mo-Bank app will yield on a 10% or Rs 500 cashback. The same percent will be added on using credit/debit cards too.

Aside from these two, the company has also come to an understanding with Daraz. Through this partnership, customers purchasing goods at BIG-MART section inside the Daraz’s portal will get a cashback of 10% or up to Rs 500. Along with this, the bank’s customers will get the same amount of cashback each Wednesday if the payment is done through debit or credit card.

Well, that wraps up all the cashback offers. If you do own a NIC Bank Account, do give online banking a chance. You can avail of discounts as well as make all your transactions safe through this digital approach.

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