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Home Ministry Plans to Use Drones For Surveillance Along Border

Nepal’s Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa launched an 82-point home administration reform plan of action on Monday, in which he has proposed using drones for Nepal-India border security, reports Online Khabar.

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Why it matters:

  • Till date, Nepal government doesn’t allow drones to fly in its territory.
  • However, drones can be used effectively instead of investing manpower to patrol the 17,000 km open border shared by Nepal and India.
  • There have been numerous border issues with India including trafficking, and smuggling.

What they are saying:

  • Home Minister Thapa said, “The home ministry is introducing new guidelines on using drones, and it was now essential to use drones at Nepal-India border for patrolling.”
  • Thapa said that on the Indian side, there are security posts every kilometre, whereas the distance between two nearest posts on the Nepali side is 25 kilometres.
  • “The government will make the necessary amendments in the regulations concerning flying of drones as per the changing time and situation and implement them,” according to the 82-point program announced by the ministry.
  • Home Ministry Spokesperson R K Subedi says that there is no plan mentioned in the ministry’s reform plan to deploy drones to patrol Nepal-India border, adding, “We are planning to reform our regulations so that drone could be allowed to fly in Nepalese territory.”
  • Mr. Thapa also said that special campaign will be launched in the border area to check use of narcotics.
  • “The government will set up warehouse facilities in all seven provinces across the country to store essential goods for the purpose of disaster management”, he added.

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