Election Candidate using Drone To Attract Voters

After ads in social media and online news portals, advertisements are literally being flown in. A candidate from Nepali Congress in Tanahun is now using drones to ask for votes.

Nepali Congress committee member Pradip Paudel who is contesting the provincial election from Tanahun Constituency-1 used a remote-control drone for the election campaign and ask for votes from the locals.

Paudel said, “The main purpose was to let everybody know that the party can experiment with latest technologies to publicise the party and attract voters for the upcoming polls.”

Photo Credit: The Himalayan Times

The drone was used in an election meet organised in Sishaghat of Tanahun district where it was used to shower flower petals in the event. Party posters and banners were tied on the drone and flown some 200 metres above the floor.

The locals in the meet, accustomed to traditional advertisements, were fascinated by the drone with NC banners.

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