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Nepal Now Has Technology to Breed only Female Calves

Nepal now has the technology to produce only females from mother cows, reports The Himalayan Times.

The Details:

  • National Cattle Research Program in Rampur imports sexed semen from the USA. They import the sperm containing ‘y’ chromosomes and use it on the mother cattle.
  • The programme has used the technique on 50 cattle and seven mother cows have given birth to female calves only.  The success rate of the operation is just 25%.
  • Also, the imported sperm makes them give more milk and calves gain good weight after they are born.
  • This technology is being used at Rampur, National Cattle Breeding Centre Pokhara and some other big commercial firms.
  • Further, Nepal is also working to produce sperm in Pokhara. The machines needed for separating chromosome are very costly, but the preparation is under way to install such machines in Pokhara for sperm production.

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