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Nepal Stock App Launched: Track Your Prices Invested in Stock Market

Have you ever wondered what the current state of stock in our country is like? Do you want to invest in stocks? Then Nepal Stock app is probably the right guide for you to do so.

Nepal Stock is an app developed by Genius and brought to you by Nepali Patro. It’s basically an app that keeps track of stock in the market so you can invest in stocks on the basis of the data they provide.

More about the app

The app provides all news related to stock and trading. The app provides certain features to keep track of current stock exchange, provides a statistical analysis of nepse, add your own stocks in the app and check their growths accordingly.

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The app also allows you to add different banks to the watchlist section and then you can keep updating yourself on which bank has better stocks and which would be more effective to invest in.

Features analysis

The app provides three major features as of now.

The first feature is “My shares”: which is used to add any new shares that you have invested in or adding banks to watchlist, second is  “Watchlist”: a section where you can include all the banks whose share you wish to examine, and third is “Nepse”: a section which gives you a statistical analysis how stocks are looking for different companies look the basis of day, week, month or year.

Also, the Nepse section shows all the current news on Stock and Exchange under the Related News section.

Is the app worth it?

Well, the app does provide some of the major features in stock trading and the app is definitely interactive and easy to use. But there are some other stock analysis applications out there which provide an even better analysis on stock with much more features and more flexible.

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If the app were to be updated with better features and more detailed analysis, then the app would surely be useful. But for the time being do check it out and share your opinions with us.

Download the Nepal Stock app

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