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There’s a New Nepali Food App in Town: Toastman

The food culture in Kathmandu is taking flight, thanks to countless YouTube channels and Instagram accounts dedicated for just that. Those people live to eat and it turns out they aren’t alone. In the age when more and more people have started to come out as foodie, much to the chagrin of their parents, developers are racing to be the one stop solution for all food lovers.

One of the apps that fall into this category is Toastman. Toastman is one of those apps whose logo cheers you up no matter what mood you are in. And I just recognized that the logo is actually a toast-man when writing the previous sentence. So, congratulations on nailing the logo on the first try. But how is the app on the inside?

I like the pink color scheme (it’s similar to FYMO). But the app does look a little cramped. Other than that, it has got the necessary features. It automatically scans the nearest restaurant for you when you open the app. You can choose the type of restaurant that you would like to go to the bottom of the app: sip & banter, hangouts, sweet tooth, etc.

If you are searching for a place somewhere else, there’s a search box at the top. Other features include a filter. You can filter the restaurants by type of cuisine, the cost, time of closing, ratings, etc. The filter is very detailed.

You can add reviews about a restaurant directly in the app. That’s no problem too. And I got used to the layout of the app within 10 minutes. My only complaint now is the lack of restaurants here.

This is a new app and lack of detailed info is always a problem for new apps. But Toastman is adding new restaurants daily (maybe). In some time, the number of restaurants will grow and after that this app might be one of your top solutions to find restaurants inside the valley.

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