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Nepal Stall at JATA Expo 2015 Attracts Steady Flow Visitors

JATA Tourism Expo Japan 2015 was held in Tokyo International Exhibition Centre from September 24 to 27. It provides a promotional opportunity for those involved in tourism and the world’s travel profession. Over 150 countries from the region and all over the world had participated in this edition of the show and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) was one of them. Stall from Malla Hotel, Himalayan Guides Nepal Treks and Expeditions, and Liberty Holidays represented the private sector of the Nepal. According to NTB, they witness the steady flow of business visitors and most of them raised concerns about the safety and security issues and post-earthquake scenario of Nepal. They also talked about mobility, heritage renovation and product recovery.

On September 25, NTB organized a presentation program at the event venue that was focused on creating awareness on the exact scenario with respect to the earthquake, tourists, facilities and tourism products. According to NTB, Shigeki Imoto, honorary tourism ambassador of NTB in Japan applauded the Japanese people for their constant and healthy contributions to Nepal’s tourism and expected the same in the future too.

Furthermore, Nepali Ambassador to Japan Madan Bhattarai appealed the Japanese to plan a trip to Nepal if they really want to contribute to the earthquake recovery process. And Junko Taibei, the first woman to summit Mount Everest, also strongly shared with the audience the experiences she has garnered during her numerous visits to Nepal, post-earthquake scenario. She also told the Japanese people that Nepal is safe as ever.

This event may have helped the Japanese people who want to make trips to Nepal but are afraid thinking that Nepal is still dangerous. This type of program should be done in other parts of the world to let other people know it is safe to make a trip to Nepal.

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